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Scalp hitching: causes, symptoms and grandma’s old remedies

Scalp hitching: causes, symptoms and grandma’s old remedies

It is very common and can be due to different causes. Here are some remedies to get rid of this discomfort!

Scalp hitching can be suddendly caused by many different causes. It affects both men and women and might create discomfort and embarrassment, especially if you are in a public place.

It can be annoying and cause inflammation: this is why you should quickly resort to efficient methods to cure it. Let’s find out the main causes of this problem, its symptoms and the best remedies to get rid of it!

Scalp hitching: causes

The most common causes are dry skin, scalp desclamation (dandruff), folliculitis, psoriasis, excess sebum production (seborrhea), seborrheic dermatitis, smog, or too aggressive products. Make sure it’s not pediculosis, that is head lices!

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It is clear there are actually a lot of reasons behind this problem. Just think that also cirrhosis, lupus, hypothyroidism, epatitis and other disease can cause scalp itching. For this reason, we suggest you to try some remedies before seeing your doctor, if you still have this problem.

Scalp hitching: natural remedies

You should avoid using too aggressive shampoos or hair products. It is better to resort to natural products.

Aloe is one of most efficient natural remedies against scalp hitching, thanks to its refreshing and anti-inflammatory actions.

Chamomile compresses can also help eliminating the problem. If dandruff causes this problem, use a nettle shampoo. You can also use tea tree essential oil: it is a real cure-all for your scalp. You can either add 20 drops to your shampoo or dissolve it in coconut oil and applied directly on your head for an entire night. Coconut oil alone also protects your scalp.

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Just remember that if you can’t get rid of this problem with natural remedies, it can be a symptom for other health problems. In this case, you must see a doctor.

Other symptoms for scalp hitching

In some cases, there are also other symptoms. For example, other than itching, you can also have scabs. In this case, the latter can be the reason why we need to scratch our head.

Scabs can be due to dermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, skin infections and other skin problems. In this case, we suggest you to immediately see a doctor, in order to understand what’s going on.

Sometimes you can experience scalp hitching and hair fall. These two thing are not inevitably connected. However, for example excess sebum can lead to baldness and at the same time cause itching.

If you experience this problem at night, it can be connected to sleeping problems. However, there can be thousands of reasons, so it would be better to see a doctor, to assess what the problem is.

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