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Scrub for ingrown hair: find out how it works and how to prepare it

DIY scrub

The ingrown hair scrub is a good way to solve the problem naturally. Find out how it works and how it is prepared.

The ingrown hair scrub is the easiest way to deal with the problem of hair growing under the skin both in the groin area and elsewhere on the body. Preparing it is simple and allows you to eliminate the superficial state of the skin , thus allowing the hair to emerge and be extracted. A simple and painless way to get rid of ingrown hair.

Coarse salt scrub

A DIY scrub for ingrown hair that is easy to prepare and very effective is the one based on coarse salt .

types of salt
types of salt

In fact, just take one or two tablespoons of salt and add it to 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Apply to the area to be treated and rub. Once done you can rinse the area with warm water .

It is good to remember that coarse salt is more useful but that alternatively you can also opt for the fine one or even with sugar . Salt, among other things, also has a disinfectant effect which proves to be an extra ally in these situations.

Sugar scrub for ingrown hair

A certainly more delicate version for a do-it-yourself body scrub for ingrown hair is the sugar- based one.

sugar scrub
sugar scrub

If mixed with honey or always with extra virgin olive oil, it will be more delicate on the skin and this without damaging or irritating it. In addition, the sensation will be more pleasant as well as the scent it will leave on the skin, especially if mixed with honey .

Added to honey it will be more nourishing and moisturizing. Perfect to give an extra note of well-being to the body and to make freshly treated skin softer and smoother .

The bicarbonate scrub

Finally, if you want an exfoliating product that is also a good leg scrub for ingrown hair, you can opt for the bicarbonate one .


The latter, mixed with a little water in order to obtain a kind of cream, will prove to be an excellent remedy . In addition to helping the skin get rid of ingrown hair, it will act as an exfoliant, while disinfecting the treated area .

So here are three great ways to solve the problem without too much effort and in a much simpler way than you think.

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