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Scrub: what it is, how it works and what it is used for


The scrub is a particular beauty treatment. Find out how to do it, when it is useful and in what situations it is best to avoid it.

The gommage is a beauty treatment that serves to exfoliate the skin by eliminating dead cells . A technique that is also implemented to give more oxygen to the tissues in order to renew them. Let’s find out how to do it and when it is particularly useful .

Scrub: how the exfoliating treatment works suitable for almost everyone

As already mentioned, the scrub is a beauty treatment which, unlike the scrub, is also particularly suitable for sensitive skin.


In fact, it acts through the action of circular movements which, repeated in the correct way, help exfoliate the skin, eliminate dead cells and promote tissue regeneration.

All effects that are obtained without the use of abrasive or chemical substances as is the case with scrubs and peels. Also excellent in case of ingrown hairs, it can instead be counterproductive in case of couperose .

Where is it useful to apply the scrub? The areas of the body on which it acts best

The scrub can be useful on various areas of the body. First of all it proves to be a good way to combat ingrown hair, where it acts without irritating the skin more. It can also be useful for exfoliating legs and feet for the summer season. The widest use, however, is usually aimed at the face. Through this treatment, in fact, it is possible to fully enjoy a delicate action but at the same time able to act on several fronts. And all by giving the skin a healthier structure which is also combined with greater brightness.

Obviously, like any treatment, scrub can also have counter-conditions. In addition to being not recommended in case of couperose, it should in fact be avoided when you have particularly irritated skin. Furthermore, it should not be carried out in areas where the capillaries are particularly evident.

Although it is a treatment suitable for delicate skin, therefore, you should never exaggerate in this sense and avoid doing it after the sun or in case of irritated, red skin or with the presence of erythema or other problems. Kind of like acne peeling .

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