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SDM diet: what it is and how it works

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The sdm diet is a very famous diet regime that promises to lose several pounds through the modulation of macro nutrients.

When you want to lose weight, it is inevitable to start checking out among the many diets on the web. Among these, an increasingly widespread is the sdm diet , whose reputation is that of losing weight in a short time thanks to a food strategy that involves three different phases.
The diet, whose full name stands for Medical Dietetic Society, was conceived by Professor Blackburn in the 70s and is based on a ketogenic diet.

Sdm diet: how it works

The sdm diet has the positive side of foreseeing a first phase in which due to the ketogenic effect it is possible not to feel hunger. In this way it is possible to follow it without too many sacrifices.

healthy foods
healthy foods

Being a protein diet, however, the sdm diet (also known as Kalibra) is not suitable for everyone. In fact, it can be harmful if you have kidney problems or other pathologies. In addition, the low calorie content , in the long run, can lead to slowdowns in the metabolism.

Before following it, it is therefore advisable to consult your doctor. In this way it will be possible to sift together the pros and cons while evaluating other more balanced strategies but still able to lead to losing the desired weight.

The SDM diet of Professor Blackbun : the menu

The sdm diet of Professor Blackbun is presented as a protein diet and, consequently, with very few calories. The aim is in fact to lead to a ketosis capable of altering the metabolism to stimulate weight loss.

In order for it to work, three phases must be followed:

– First phase: based only on lean proteins and vegetables and completely fat-free
– Second phase: with gradual insertion of some foods
– Third phase: maintenance, with a more balanced diet

It is a diet in which some products designed specifically for those who follow it are used. It is also in some ways similar to other diets that have become famous for the possibility of losing a lot of weight, such as the Dukan diet .


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