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Seasonal fruit in April: here’s which one to choose for healthy eating

oranges, lemons and kiwis

Seasonal fruit in April: which ones to choose in order to enjoy a healthy diet in line with the times of nature.

Choosing seasonal fruit is an optimal way to follow a healthy diet and able to provide all the beneficial properties contained in various foods. And if we talk about fruits, it is clear how the contribution of vitamins and mineral salts is a more than precious contribution to health. So let’s find out which fruits to choose in April in order to enjoy healthier and at the same time cheaper foods.

Citrus fruits: fruits rich in incredible properties

Among the citrus fruits in season, in April there are oranges, lemons and grapefruits. All rich in vitamin C and mineral salts, they are among the foods considered precious in order to enjoy good health.

citrus fruits
citrus fruits

Thanks to their ability to strengthen the immune system, they are also particularly useful for dealing with the change of season in the best possible way .

Fruits that are good for the body: pears

Prized for their sweet taste, pears are good for the gut and, among other things, are also good for the heart.


These properties are joined by those beneficial to the bones, and for digestion. In addition, they help fight diabetes, especially if used instead of sugar in sweets.

Friends of the intestine: kiwis

Among the fruits of April are kiwis . Always famous for being among the fruits that bring greater benefits to the intestine. Excellent in case of constipation, they are also rich in vitamins.


They also boast several antioxidants and, among other things, they also help protect against infections of various kinds.

Strawberries: the fruits of spring

April is the month that opens the doors to one of the most loved fruits, namely strawberries. Excellent against cellulite , protect teeth and boost metabolism.


They also boast a large amount of flavonoids, turning out to be fruits rich in antioxidants. Considered super foods, among other things, they are ideal for counteracting the signs of aging .

Rich in properties and benefits: apples

Known to be among the richest fruits in beneficial properties, apples are also loaded with fiber , vitamins and antioxidants.

red apples
red apples

Among other things, they help keep blood sugar levels low. While their peel is good for lung health.

Choosing seasonal fruits is a good way to stay healthy. However, it is important to remember that there are always contraindications . kiwis and pears, for example, are not suitable for those who are allergic to nickel . Citrus fruits are rich in salicylates and strawberries can give important allergic reactions.

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