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Seasonal fruit in September: we discover the first autumn scents


September brings with it the first typical foods of autumn. Let’s find out the types of seasonal fruit in September and what benefits it offers.

With September the first hints of autumn arrive, the colors and seasonal fruit begin to change. The products we bring to our tables change, as do the preparations with soups, velvets and baked foods . From kiwis to pears, passing through grapes that become the protagonist in autumn, without forgetting figs and prickly pears. So let’s find out what delights you can buy this month.

The kiwis

Another typical fruit of the September season is the kiwi , with its classic and robust brown and hairy skin. The pulp is green, firm, sweet and slightly acidic. Kiwi is a fruit rich in properties , mineral salts and is particularly suitable for pregnant women thanks to the presence of folic acid.

Kiwi smoothie
Kiwi smoothie

It is also an excellent food for those who want to lose weight as it contains few calories and is rich in fiber, useful for facilitating the digestion of carbohydrates . Perfect for regulating intestinal functions, it is also good for children for vitamin C, which is even double compared to that contained in oranges.

The queen of autumn: grapes

Perhaps the most popular seasonal fruit of the month of September is grapes, which are finally ready to be tasted in all its varieties. But sweet bunches of grapes aren’t just good. In fact, they possess antioxidant properties and seem to be an aid to the typical stress of late summer.

Grapes and vines in September season
Grapes in September season

Moreover, thanks to the high content of vitamins such as B6, A and C , grapes fight insomnia, relax the nerves and improve circulation, ensuring a great general well-being. So what are you waiting for, be it white or red, immediately pick one of these exquisite bunches.

Figs and prickly pears

Among the seasonal fruit of the month of September still allows you to take advantage of figs and prickly pears. The first are very sweet and have countless beneficial qualities. In fact, thanks to the high content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron, they are excellent allies for the body and integrate a high amount of nutrients. In addition, the seeds contained in figs have laxative properties, which makes this fruit perfect for purifying and cleansing the intestine.

Prickly pears are also an extraordinary source of nutrients for the body such as antioxidants, vitamins and fiber . This gives this seasonal fruit of the month of September an anti-inflammatory and palliative action for the intestine.

The pears

Pears are another type of seasonal fruit of the month of September, perfect if served with melted chocolate. Pears are an excellent fruit, which can be served as a dessert or as a snack and which has many properties. Their juicy pulp can be soft or crunchy, and contains high concentrations of sugar, potassium, fiber, and vitamins B and C.

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