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Seasonal vegetables: five tasty recipes with carrots and the qualities of the vegetable

Roasted carrots

Carrot is one of the seasonal vegetables that we can cook in a thousand different dishes, so here are our five recipes with carrots for a summer in great shape.

There are many recipes with carrots that play on the many prerogatives of this tuber with a sweet flavor and hard texture. All this makes it very versatile and therefore it is not surprising that it is very present in Italian cuisine. Its sweet, fresh and delicate flavor lends itself to both sweet and savory preparations.

Carrots in Italian cuisine

Excellent for cooking savory dishes such as flans and pies, but also as a condiment or side dish, an optimal ingredient for salads and single dishes, carrot is also very suitable for preparing desserts. Almost always you will have to remove the carrot’s “ beard ”, consisting of its leaves, as well as the peel, a thick and rough rind, which could retain traces of the earth in which the carrot grew.

Carrots are good for us

Vegetables rich in beneficial properties, carrots are spontaneous plants and this has made them known to humanity since time immemorial. They are rich in various minerals , including calcium, magnesium, potassium but also zinc. Among the metals we find iron and copper. Carrots give us the very important carotenoids, vitamins A, B, C. The presence of betacarotene is also interesting. Perfect for regulating the intestine, they are rich in fiber and have a diuretic, digestive function and are a panacea for gastrointestinal problems . They are also excellent allies for the skin and perfect for suntan lovers and for those who are following a diet.

How to choose the best carrots

The cultivation of carrots is extended throughout the year, but in spring there are new ones, which are particularly tender and sweet. Furthermore, June is probably the last month in which to find the best carrots. These will have a bright color and will be fragrant and firm. Choose those with a small stalk: they will be the sweetest. If they still have the green part attached, go for those where the green is bright and intense. Do not buy carrots already cut, if you can: the vitamin A inside them oxidizes quickly in contact with the air.

A curiosity about carrots

Carrots have spread spontaneously over the centuries in Europe, Asia and North Africa. Now it can be found in any temperate area of ​​the planet. Once, at the time of the Romans, it was even considered a medicinal plant , medicinal, with remarkable therapeutic properties and it was not unusual to find it among the ingredients of a medical remedy.

Our recipes with carrots

You can eat carrots both raw and cooked, thanks to their remarkable versatility in the kitchen. Here are our five carrot recipes for interesting and unique dishes to spice up this summer.

  1. Carrot tartlets with thyme beans
  2. Carrot and apple juice and tartlets
  3. Carrot salad with daikon
  4. Savory puffs with carrot cream
  5. Roasted carrots

Carrots as a side dish, in an unusual guise

Carrot pie
Carrot pie

These fluffy carrot cakes with beans are splendid , a real delicious side dish suitable even for those who do not eat gluten. Thanks to the thyme aroma they are fresh and cheerful. Good for health, they will be perfect for a party on the terrace, or as a side dish to a more full-bodied dish. Carrots are a veritable mine of antioxidants and minerals. Do not remove the peel completely to keep its properties even more intact.

Learn how to cook these fantastic carrot pies with thyme beans .

Healthy and non-alcoholic aperitif in summer

Carrot and apple juice
Carrot and apple juice

Carrots are perfect, thanks to their mineral salts and vitamins for a nice juice of fruit and vegetables. This carrot recipe allows you to create an apple and carrot juice full of properties, but logically low in fiber. You will have to drink it immediately, or keep it for a short time in the refrigerator, so that the vitamins are not lost.

Learn how to prepare a themed snack with our carrot and apple juice and fruit tart !

Salad with Chinese radish

Daikon and carrots
Daikon and carrots

Here is the daikon salad with carrots, a natural dish, very fresh and very easy to prepare. It is a fresh , appetizing and expertly seasoned side dish to bring the Chinese radish, the daikon, to the table. The salad can be brought to the table in a single large bowl, or divided before serving. A tip: get cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar.

The secrets of preparing it can be found by clicking on the photo or the name of the Daikon dish in salad with carrots .

Spicy sweets with a genuine flavor

Savory puffs with carrot cream
Savory puffs with carrot cream

Savory puffs with spiced carrot cream and ginger are an appetizing finger food, a delicate snack perfect for a party or a nice dinner. Good to eat and beautiful to look at, they will be appreciated by those who love strong and spicy flavors, while also being excellent for everyone else. One leads to another.

There are not many secrets to cooking them, but with our advice you will get really spatial savory cream puffs with carrot cream and ginger .

Let’s roast them!

Roasted carrots
Roasted carrots

Here are the roasted carrots, incredibly tasty and appetizing, prepared with herbs and spices able to guarantee all the flavor you need . It is a very simple outline that is difficult to think about. Among the recipes with carrots, it is in fact unusual to find these tubers as absolute protagonists, they are usually supporting characters. You will need very fresh and not too large carrots . You can also dress them with potatoes or other spices and herbs.

Learn to cook our delicious roasted carrots !

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