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Seasonal vegetables in April: find out which ones are for eating more naturally


For proper nutrition it is important to always choose the right foods. Find out how to do this with seasonal vegetables in April.

The month of April is also the month that introduces spring for everyone, bringing with it a whole series of foods typical of the season and rich in beneficial properties.

If we think about what nature offers, for example, the seasonal vegetables in April are rich in foods with valuable nutrients . So let’s find out which ones to choose to eat in the best possible way.

What are April vegetables?

In the month of April there are both products of nature already present in the month of March and of which you can still fully enjoy. There are, however, also several other foods that see their start of the season this month. From rocket, to chicory , passing through broad beans and peas, let’s find out, more specifically, the foods to bring to the table.

Carrots and radishes – friends of health

Rich in carotenoids and B vitamins, both carrots and radishes are precious health allies. In addition, the large amount of minerals they offer makes them vegetables that are really useful for health in general.

carrots and radishes
carrots and radishes

Also present a good percentage of antioxidants, they are also natural antiinflammatories . Perfect to be inserted both in salads and to give life to colorful and rich in taste side dishes.

Green leafy vegetables: a source of well-being

Among the green leafy vegetables in April are:

salad leaves
salad leaves

– The chard
– The radicchio
– The cabbage
– The asparagus
– The artichokes
– The rocket
– Spinaches
– Chicory

These vegetables boast a whole host of vitamins and minerals that make them a true source of well-being. Rich in potassium, they are useful both to keep the heart healthy and to offer a correct dose of potassium to the body.

Onions and spring onions: friends of the line

Among the many properties that can be attributed to onions and spring onions is that of stimulating diuresis, helping the body to purify itself in a natural way and thus contributing to obtaining a good physical shape.

onions and spring onion
onions and spring onion

Antibacterials, they also protect against urinary infections. Excellent to eat both raw in salads and in side dishes or as a key ingredient to give more flavor to soups and broths.

Fennel: perfect hunger breakers

Fennel are a great help for those who want to fill up without gaining weight. In addition to having very few calories and a practically non-existent impact on blood sugar , they are in fact able to quench hunger.


Added to this is the presence of fiber useful for the intestine and the detoxifying properties that make it a health-friendly food.

Potatoes: rich in properties

In addition to being among the most loved products of nature in the world, potatoes also boast several properties.


In addition to being good for the skin , they help fight free radicals, counteract migraines and seem to be good for the brain as well. Among other things, they have satiating power and are useful for appeasing nervous hunger .

The fabaceae: small treasures of nature

Among the fabaceae of April there are full beans and peas. Both excellent to be enjoyed both alone and together.

peas and broad beans
peas and broad beans

While peas are good for the heart and nervous system, broad beans are rich in protein and therefore highly recommended for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Obviously the latter are not suitable for those suffering from favism.

Zucchini: friends of the intestine

Among the seasonal vegetables there are also courgettes. Rich in potassium, they also contain folic acid and several vitamins including C and E.


They also stimulate diuresis and disinfect the intestine . Emollients also help in case of irritation, revealing themselves to be true friends of our second brain. Among other things, thanks to the few calories and the low impact on blood sugar, they are valid for those on a diet.

Choosing among these vegetables is equivalent to taking care of yourself by eating in the correct and most natural way possible .

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