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Seasonal vegetables in March: which one to choose for a healthy diet

March vegetables

Eating with the seasons is a great way to stay healthy. Let’s discover together the seasonal vegetables of March.

With the arrival of spring, the variety of fruit and vegetables available becomes ever wider. Just think of the seasonal vegetables in March which are really large and embrace different types of foods, all rich in vitamins, minerals and precious beneficial properties. Let’s find out the main ones together, in order to always choose the best food to bring to the table.

What are March vegetables?

March is a very rich month for vegetables. And for this reason they can be found belonging to different categories , all important from a nutritional point of view and for the many benefits they can bring. Among the many there are green leafy vegetables, tubers , roots and various vegetables that at this time of the year are more beautiful and tasty than ever. So let’s find out specifically the ones to choose to eat healthily.

Green leafy vegetables: a panacea for health

Among the vegetables of March, some of the best known and used are:

green leafy vegetables
green leafy vegetables

– The lettuce
– The chard
– The escarole
– The radicchio
– The cabbage
– The broccoli
– The cress
– The endive
– The asparagus
– The artichokes
– Broccoli

It is a category of foods that, if included in the everyday diet, provide a good supply of vitamins and mineral salts to which are also added a good amount of potassium and low sodium levels. Perfect for counteracting high blood pressure and for helping the heart.

The roots: because they are good

The roots are also a valid help for health , especially if chosen in season. Among the best known and present since March there are:


– The beetroot
– The carrot
– The turnips
– Topinambur
– The radishes

Among the most important properties are the presence of fiber, water and B vitamins to which a good quantity of mineral salts is also added.

Excellent for the anti-inflammatory effect, they are also considered valuable natural antioxidants.

Cabbages: a source of well-being

The cabbage family has always been considered a real panacea for the body. In March, the seasonal ones include:


– The cauliflowers
– The red cabbage
– Brussels sprouts

Rich in vitamin K, they help absorb calcium and are good for the bones, and they also benefit the well-being of the intestine.

Shallot and onion: two natural remedies

These are two vegetables that are very similar to each other and rich in beneficial properties. Their contribution is in fact positive both against cholesterol and diabetes .

shallots and onions
shallots and onions

They are also both suitable for fighting high blood pressure and for combating inflammation. A difference between the two can be found by people allergic to nickel. If the onion is rich in it (and therefore not recommended in case of allergy ) the shallot is instead one of the few vegetables that can be consumed even during a possible low-nickel diet.

Potatoes: properties

Much loved by adults and children, potatoes are also in season in March. Among its many beneficial properties, one of the best known is that of being good for the brain .


It also appears to help counteract headaches and fight free radicals. Excellent anti-inflammatory for the digestive system, relieves nervous cough and is good for the skin. According to some studies, its peel would also contain anticancer substances.

Fennel: friends of the line

Fennel are among the most used by those on a diet. In addition to having few calories, they strengthen the immune system and are among the foods that can detoxify the body. Foods that among other things are to be considered with negative calories and can help in the fight against extra pounds.


Furthermore, thanks to the presence of phytoestrogens and flavonoids, they are among the foods capable of rebalancing female hormones.

Eating vegetables and vegetables in season is a great way to take care of your health, restore and fill up on taste and the right nutrients, essential for the body.

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