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Seasonal vegetables in October: here are the varieties available

October vegetables

Let’s find out what are the characteristic products of the month of October and what are their properties, essential to prepare for the arrival of the colder months.

October, in addition to its seasonal vegetables, brings with it the first signs of autumn and the colder months. Among the products that return to the tables we can in fact find many leafy vegetables such as radicchio, spinach, cabbage and chicory. But October is also the month of carrots and pumpkin, the true queen of this period. So let’s find out what are the seasonal vegetables in October and what are their properties and benefits.

Carrots: the right amount of vitamins

Among the seasonal vegetables in October we can certainly find carrots, a tuber rich in beta carotene and vitamin A. This food brings many benefits to our body, increasing the defenses of the immune system and helping to preserve important tissues such as eyes, skin and bones.

Unlike other foods, the nutrients contained in carrots are resistant to cooking, which makes them great for supplementing vitamins and minerals in the diet. However, it must be remembered that if the cooking is too long, or if you choose to fry, the carrot loses almost all its qualities , which would be a real shame.

In any case, this seasonal vegetable in October also contains vitamins of groups B, E, D and PP , as well as minerals and natural antioxidants. In addition, the carrot performs functions similar to those of female hormones, which is why it is recommended to stimulate the production of breast milk.

The queen of autumn: the pumpkin

Pumpkin is definitely the queen of the table when it comes to seasonal vegetables in October. Coming down to us thanks to Christopher Columbus, the pumpkin was initially used to feed pig livestock. Subsequently, its qualities were discovered, such as the low content of calories, fat and sodium , without considering the high concentration of fiber and vitamins.

Vegetable season October
Vegetable season October

For all these reasons it is used as a food in diets and to treat constipation problems. In addition, pumpkin is among the seasonal vegetables in October richest in minerals such as iron and potassium, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Cabbage and radicchio

Here are two other typical foods of the October period, very rich in nutrients and vitamins. In particular, cabbage, in all its variants, contains high concentrations of potassium and vitamins C and B9 . This makes it a low-calorie product that gives a high sense of satiety. Precisely for this reason it is widely used in diets, especially low-calorie ones.

Even radicchio can boast a low calorie content, thanks to the fact that it is made up of 90% water . Nevertheless it has a high supply of nutrients, minerals and fibers. The nutritional characteristics of this October seasonal vegetable give the radicchio diuretic and detox properties.

Moreover, thanks to the presence of polyphenols, this food is a real natural antioxidant. In any case, it is important to remember that if you choose to cook radicchio it loses many of its nutrients, so it is advisable to consume it raw.

Chicory and spinach

Among the seasonal leafy vegetables in October, in addition to cabbage and radicchio, we can also find chicory and spinach. Chicory has always represented a food linked to the peasant and poor tradition , above all due to the fact that this food grows spontaneously in nature.

Only recently has it been cleared through customs and introduced at full capacity on our tables. In any case, chicory is characterized by a bitter taste, due to the presence of chicory, also widely used to produce liqueurs . But despite the taste, chicory can boast diuretic properties and support for intestinal activity.

Spinach, on the other hand, is one of the richest vegetables in iron, but only if eaten correctly can it offer all its benefits. In fact, the best way to get as much iron as possible is to consume them seasoned with lemon . This is because the ascorbic acid contained in these fruits allows iron to be assimilated and fixed more effectively in the body.

Chickpeas and green beans

In October we can also find these two products, a real must of this period. Chickpeas, like all other legumes, are rich in proteins, mineral salts and fibers , but unlike other types they are very caloric. In any case, chickpeas are rich in linoleic acid, which is essential for regulating cholesterol metabolism.

Finally we find the green beans, which from a nutritional point of view are very different from beans. In fact, this seasonal vegetable in October is harvested and consumed before the internal seeds mature and, for this reason, contain fewer calories, proteins and carbohydrates . At the same time, however, they are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin A, which makes them perfect for any type of diet.

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