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Sebaceous cysts in the groin: what they are and how they are treated

groin woman

Groin sebaceous cysts are more of a nuisance than a serious problem. Let’s find out why they are formed and how to cure them.

Groin sebaceous cysts are small, almost spherical masses. Their formation depends on an obstruction of the excretory duct of one or more sebaceous glands, from which they take their name. They can form in various places on the body but the scalp and groin are the most common. Let’s find out more and see together how to cure them.

Sebaceous cyst: how it forms

Generally the sebaceous cyst is formed due to an obstructed duct that gives rise to a small mass in which the gland’s production (sebum) accumulates.

groin woman
groin woman

This leads, in the case of the groin, to the formation of an inguinal cyst which as such can be both annoying and painful . Sometimes a frequent cause of this disorder is also the presence of ingrown hairs in the groin area and, to try to prevent its onset, you can therefore resort to some remedies such as paying attention to hair removal: to be implemented as much as possible following the direction of the hairs.

Unfortunately, if not treated properly, a groin cyst can lead to pus formation and a painful abscess. For this reason, before touching it, it is always good to ask the attending physician for an opinion. Especially to make sure it’s really a sebaceous cyst and nothing else.

Sabecaean cyst: the cure

Generally, to obtain a diagnosis it is more than enough to be seen by the doctor who will ascertain the actual nature of the cyst. Once it has been established that it is a sebaceous cyst, we often proceed with waiting to see if it regresses on its own. If there is already an infection in progress, it is possible to resort to an antibiotic or cortisone-based therapy.

In rarer cases, if the cyst is too large or painful, you can opt for the removal which will be done by breaking and letting the cyst drain and making sure to clean it well so as to prevent others from forming.

It is therefore a mild problem that in most cases resolves itself spontaneously and without any kind of intervention other than a careful observation of the part.


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