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Seborrheic wart: what it is and what are the possible treatments

seborrheic warts

Seborrheic wart (or seborrheic keratosis): let’s find out what it is, when it occurs and how to treat it.

Seborrheic wart, also called seborrheic keratosis, is a kind of growth in the skin that can be light or dark in color. It is a harmless formation and it can present itself quite easily, especially as the years go by. Let’s find out more and how to cure it naturally .

Seborrheic warts: what you need to know to recognize and treat them

To date, the origin of seborrheic warts is still unknown.

seborrheic warts
seborrheic warts

It is thought that for some subjects it is a hereditary problem and that the increase in the possibility of their formation increases with the passing of the years. In any case, these are benign formations .

Usually their shape is oval or rounded while the dimensions are variable and range from 0.5 cm upwards. As for their appearance, it often occurs on the trunk or temples but can also appear in other areas of the body.

For seborrheic keratosis, treatment is therefore not provided unless the formations become inflamed or are decidedly unsightly . In this case it is possible to act with the removal by means of an electric needle or liquid hydrogen.

Seborrheic keratosis: the natural cure to relieve them

Although there is currently no cure for seborrheic warts, as with other warts there are natural remedies that can make them less evident. Among these stands out wheat germ oil which thanks to the quantity of vitamin E helps to reduce excess keratinization, also relieving any itching or discomfort. Generally it can be applied to the area or taken through supplements.

Even fish oil taken regularly can help prevent the formation of new warts by making those already present shrink. In any case, before intervening it is good to always have a precise diagnosis from your doctor, especially when the warts are dark.

Only after having been sure that they are warts can you decide whether to leave them as they are or to intervene naturally or through surgery. Situation that, once again, it is always better to deal with an expert in order to understand the pros and cons before moving.


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