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Second hand for Christmas gifts? From abroad, the trend that Gen Z likes

Second hand

Economical and sustainable, the second hand could be the new solution for Christmas gifts.

The relationship of consumers and the consequent vision of the second hand is definitely changing, so much so that in view of Christmas, especially abroad in the United States, in view of Christmas gifts , there could be a constant growth of this trend starting right from this year. Since it is rumored that Christmas gifts may be in short supply, second hand could be for many an opportunity to aim for savings and a sustainable choice, a bit like the phenomenon that is going crazy in fashion thanks to apps like Vinted.

What is second hand and why Gen Z likes it so much

Let’s start from the basics, what exactly is the second hand? As the term suggests and therefore its correct translation, these are second-hand products already used , from the fashion sector, objects, in short, everything that maybe after a fashion and the use we have made of it, rather than throw it away, we decide to sell it or better recycle it, to someone else who is looking for it. Often these are accessories, clothes, objects, of previous or retro editions and which are no longer on the market because they are no longer produced by the brands, and which can be a passion and a strong interest of collectors.

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Generation Z was certainly the first to welcome this trend, being strongly attentive to a conscious purchase and trying to be sustainable, thus generating a new slice of consumers. Among these there are those who look to second hand as an alternative to containing the Christmas budget, making quality gifts and at the same time limiting the excessive production of products, generating an accumulation of material and excessive polluting productions.

A study conducted by GlobalData for thred Up on 2000 American consumers, would have found, for example, that the intention to use second hand in view of Christmas gifts is particularly welcomed, also to ensure rare and second-hand products, which would increase purchasing power.

Second-hand fashion opportunities for Christmas

It is therefore not to be excluded that the same second-hand online platforms , given the trend, may perhaps think of discounts after the purchase of a certain number of products or of ad hoc promotional campaigns. Already Zalando with its second hand section has also arrived with its advertisements on television, and just such a sales giant could be the first fashion e-commerce to think about if we wanted to embrace the idea. It is also possible to participate directly in the second hand catalog of Zalando , perhaps by returning items purchased that we no longer place and purchased on the platform, exchanging them or putting them on sale.

The other two alternatives remain the long-established ones, such as Vinted and also physical and online vintage stores and boutiques : if we have friends, mothers or aunts who are passionate about the genre, it could be the perfect opportunity to save money but also amaze with items that they are not easily found.

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