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Sedentary lifestyle: risks and advice

Sedentary lifestyle: risks and advice

You can change your sedentary lifestyle and reduce the health risks with a little workout and the right diet!

Deskwork and not much free time make us workout less and less. The risk is to have a sedentary lifestyle which can influence our health. It is fundamental to excercise every day to live better and keep fit.

Taking some time each day to just walk or workout benefits both body and soul. How to stop living a sedentary life? Here some advice for your diet and the lifestyle you can follow every day!

Sedentary lifestyle: risks

These type of risks change according to each one of us. You need to consider your state and ask your doctor what it is better to do and what to avoid.

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Generally speaking, a sedentary life leads to more tiredness, heavy feeling and blood circulation problems. The more you move, the more you feel dynamic, because your blood flow reactivates and you reduce the risk of being overweight.

Diet for sedentary people

Those who have a sedentary lifestyle should pay attention to their diet. Keep under control your intake of fats, sugar and carbohydrates. The less you exercise, the less carbs you eat, so you will feel more tired and heavy.

What to eat? The ideal is to consume 3 meals a day, without skipping them. Choose lean meat, vegetables and legumes. Limit bread and pasta, and choose wholewheat ones, which are more digestible.

Moreover, try to eat more at lunch than at dinner. For this latter meal, you can cook lean meat or fish, vegetables or protein-based salads. In this way, you will not feel heavy before going to bed and your digestion will be faster.

Another important thing you can do is to drink a lot of water and herbal teas, especially after having exercised or walked. We recommend about one liter and half per day.

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