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Sensitive skin: 5 mistakes to avoid for your wellness!

Sensitive skin: 5 mistakes to avoid for your wellness!

People with sensitive skin should avoid these mistakes. Let’s find out which ones!

We need to take care of our skin in the most careful way. Therefore, even if it looks healthy and young, let’s not forget that it is fundamental to use the right products for its wellness! In particular people with sensitive skin should use delicate products, in order to avoid irritations. However, even though, there are some mistakes we make without even realizing… Let’s find out which ones!

The most common 5 mistakes

  • Sudden temperature changes. Moving from a cold to a hot room and vice versa can damage your skin. These kind of changes alter the pH, making your skin dry and more fragile!
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  • Nickel. From earrings to zippers, this metal can be the responsible of reddenings. If possible, avoid using accessories or jewels that can inflame your skin. Moreover, remember that nickel is also contained in makeup and hair products, therefore you need to pay attention!
  • Not using sunscreen. There is no greater mistake: whether your skin is sensitive or not, you must always use sunscreen! With this type of skin, sunrays can damage you if you do not use the right products. Therefore, always bring with you this product, even if you stay in town.
  • Not paying attention when buying products. Someone wants to save money, others trust their friends. let’s be careful when it comes to buy products, because they are very important for our skincare! Therefore, before making any mistake, let’s learn everything we can about the product we want to buy.
  • Not removing your makeup. How many times did you go to sleep without removing your makeup first? This is very bad for your skin! Especially if sensitive, you risk even more reddenings and irritations…

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