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Sensitive teeth: what are the causes and the best remedies

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Dental sensitivity is a very annoying disorder that affects many people. Let’s see what are the main causes and what to do in case of sensitive teeth.

Dental sensitivity , or rather dentinal sensitivity , is a very common and annoying disorder. The main symptom is the sensation of pain that is perceived when consuming too cold or too hot food and drinks.

The problem arises when dentin, or the supporting structure of the tooth, remains uncovered, due to the recession of the gums and / or deterioration of the enamel. Let’s see what are the causes of sensitive teeth and which are the most effective remedies .

Sensitive teeth: the causes

Teeth - smile
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Dental sensitivity, as we have seen, is due to the exposure of the dentin. Usually this happens when the tooth enamel is consumed, for various reasons, including the incorrect use of the toothbrush (too hard bristles, too vigorous movements), too frequent bleaching treatments , or the consumption of acidic foods and drinks (tomato, citrus , soda).

Other dental problems, such as plaque, caries and regression of the gums , the latter almost always due to advancing age, can also make the teeth excessively sensitive.

Sensitive teeth: what to do and effective remedies

The first thing to do in case of sensitive teeth, is to use a brush with soft bristles and a specific toothpaste . The movements with which you brush your teeth must be delicate.

We must also reduce the consumption of acid and corrosive foods as much as possible. Also pay attention to toothpastes and whitening products: better to avoid them.

Finally, a valid remedy is the use of fluorine-based products . This mineral, in fact, increases the mineralization of the enamel and strengthens it, thanks to the formation of a layer of calcium floride on the teeth, which acts as a protective barrier. If the problem does not resolve itself, however, it is good to consult a dentist, to identify the cause and the most appropriate treatment.

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