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Sex and the City 7: the trendy bon ton inspired by the protagonists of the reboot

Sarah Jessica Parker

Our favorites of Sex and the City are about to return, but more bon ton than in the past. And we don’t mind.

Okay, he took a hit twice. When we learned that Samantha will not be there – and we digested it -, and when we discovered that our Carrie, that Carrie, in the revival of Sex and the City 7 will not wear her beloved Manolo Blahnik. Luckily then Sarah Jessica Parker has set up a shop in New York that keeps this stainless bond alive.

Now that we know all this, we are ready to look at our favorites with different eyes: they have become older, but their style is always and in any case of constant inspiration. The series is still in progress, but the first spoiler photos show us that Carrie and Co. are always trendy , but with a touch of bon ton that we don’t mind and to which we can copy a few tips.

Sex and the City 7: And just like that, the looks from the first photos of the revival

The first images of the outfits taken from the revival set convinced the fans: Sex and the City on the other hand made the fashion and the looks of the protagonists into a real style, a language that inspired all those trendy series that today are consider her daughters. And apparently this reboot shouldn’t disappoint expectations, but it is imperative to remember that our heroines have grown up.

A detail that also emerges from their looks : in fact, we find a less jaunty Carrie, but always super stylish with a cyclamen shirt dress with ruffle skirt , which with a pair of stiletto heels is already the first inspiration to steal for next autumn. And the clothes seem to be a constant of the three, like Charlotte’s sporty long dress that also combines a t-shirt, while Miranda’s model, a long striped shirt dress , is decidedly more country. The detail that unites all three is an inevitable belt at the waist, which gives a super trendy touch to their very bon ton outfits.

Carrie Brandshaw remains the undisputed queen of looks, even extravagant

From other images stolen from the set to arouse some attention, as always, are the looks of Carrie , which promise to give us the right dose of extravagance : who knows, for example, that her hat with the feather spotted on the set does not become a new trend among the accessories, even if we can bet on his suit with trains on the sides and how.

And what about the long jacket that revisits the trench style with the mandarin collar, another must have that we will surely see in Autumn. Of course, the pleated dress is also not overlooked, whose less flamboyant nuance, as we would have expected from the old Carrie, softens her elegance in a delightful pret a porter. We are certain after these first looks of the looks that this revival will be exactly as we expect it, and just like that .

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