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Shatush, the most famous color technique ever: that’s how much it costs! How do you do!

Shatush effect on the hair

Shaded and trendy hair: this is what shatush is, how it’s done and how much it costs! A color technique you will fall in love with …

Shaded hair with an almost natural effect, it has been in fashion for some years now and is still one of the most used color techniques today: it is the shatush and it is one of the most requested treatments in hairdressing salons. When we want to do something new and change our look, we are not always convinced that we also want to change color. This is why shatush could be a perfect idea since it is a shade that goes to lighten the hair on the lengths. So, the base might not even change… Let’s find out more!

Shatush: how is it done?

The shatush technique arrives in Italy thanks to the famous Aldo Coppola, who has definitely launched one of the coolest trends for years. It never goes out of fashion and can be worn both in summer and in winter, indeed especially during the summer the effect could become even more beautiful.

Shatush effect on the hair
Shatush effect on the hair

To obtain the nuance, a gradual discoloration is provided : it starts from the natural base of the hair and as you go down the nuance becomes lighter and lighter . To get a wonderful effect it would be ideal to stay on the shades of your base, so if we are too dark we cannot be too blonde in the center of the lengths.

Usually to obtain this type of shade the hair is backcombed when dry . For an optimal result, the hairstylist himself will recommend a layered cut and, above all, a wavy style . The waves, which we can safely do at home alone, make the gradient even more incredible!

But how is shatush done on the hair step by step? In reality, it is a technique that your trusted hairdresser can do even with your eyes closed given its simplicity (but don’t worry, surely to work with your hair it will keep your eyes open). First of all, you need to apply the bleach on the cottoned strands, making sure that the amount of product is more decisive on the tips and decidedly lighter and nuanced at the root . If you have enough manual skills, you can also opt for a DIY shatush to make at home.

Shatush: what is the price?

There are many people who have tried it and if it has conquered so many hair there will be a reason. The shatush is beautiful only if done right, which is why we need to pay close attention before choosing the hairdresser.

The cost is not very low since it is a long job that also requires the use of specific products to avoid damaging the hair. It can start from a minimum price of 60 Euros up to cost even 200 Euros. It also changes a lot according to the length and quantity of hair!

Are there any colors for the shatush?

The answer is very simple: absolutely not. As explained in the first paragraph this technique is based on bleaching, therefore it will act on the hair pigment (different for each person). If you choose to try the shatush, know that you can lighten yourself by 3 or maximum 4 lathes to maintain the desired and sought-after natural effect. Another point in favor? The fact that they do not need retouching since the root is not touched or discolored (different speech for streaks and highlights).

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