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Shinrin Yoku, immersion in nature that heals body and soul


Shinrin Yoku: all about the Japanese discipline which consists of walking in woods or forests to regain contact with nature.

Shinrin Yoku is an ancient practice developed in Japan, and it is a walk in a forest or a wood. The pressure of the city and its obsessive rhythms can be very pressing and there may be the need to disconnect and find the lost contact with nature. Shinrin Yoku responds precisely to this need which, thanks to the properties of essential oils produced by trees, allows you to remove stress and get in touch with deep emotions. Let’s see what benefits it offers and why.

Shinrin Yoku: the benefits

The need to rediscover oneself and contact with nature are needs that, as we said before, are growing more and more. This is because the places where we live are busy and characterized by unstoppable and tireless flows .


We are continually hit and bombarded with stimuli and information of all kinds and seek moments of peace or to decompress from the city pressure. Just the need to stop and slow down is the basis of Shinrin Yoku. In fact, this discipline not only wants to be a way to relax and remove stress, but a real rule to undertake a different and slower lifestyle.

Practicing Shinrin Yoku at the same time offers many health benefits , such as:

– counteracts the action of cortisol
– reduces pressure and trains the heart
-accelerates the healing process
– stimulates the immune system response
-fights depression
-helps problem-solving
– counteracts insomnia

Furthermore, thanks to the embrace of the trees it will be possible to relieve the typical pressure that is felt on the shoulders and stomach and take things with another attitude.

Shinrin-Yoku: how it works

Let’s try to understand how the Shinrin Yoku practice works. In fact, we must know that humans have been traveling through forests for millennia, which is why we have an instinct that drives us to go outdoors. In addition, the walks allow you to fill up with energy and oxygen, in addition to the fact that they help clear your thoughts.

In any case, many of the benefits of Shinrin Yoku are due to the isolation produced by the forests and the natural essential oils produced by the same plants. Immersed in a forest or in a wood it will be possible to regain awareness of the internal rhythm of our organism. The calming effect of Shinrin Yoku is instantaneous, especially on heart rate, blood pressure and skin.

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