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Sicilian watermelon gelo (or mellone gelo), the sweet that tastes like summer!

Watermelon frost

Sicilian-style watermelon gelo or mellone gelo is a dessert at the end of a meal that certainly cannot be missed in summer: a triumph of freshness and goodness!

To take advantage of the abundance of watermelons we advise you to prepare a fantastic Sicilian watermelon frost. In fact, in summer, you certainly cannot ignore watermelon, the most thirstquenching fruit there is (in addition to the fact that it is also rich in fiber)! In Sicily, then preparing the watermelon frost, a kind of sweet watermelon jelly, is a tradition that has its roots far back in time.

Also known as gelo di mellone, it is a quick and easy dessert to make, because it requires a very short cooking and a handful of ingredients. Let’s see together the recipe for watermelon frost!

watermelon frost

Preparation of watermelon frost

  1. First, carefully pit the watermelon, making sure there are no seeds.
  2. Place the chopped watermelon (must be ripe and sweet) in a mixer and shake it. Pass the fruit puree obtained through the meshes of a colander, so that only the juice can be obtained.
  3. In a saucepan, mix the cornstarch with the granulated sugar. Gradually pour the filtered watermelon juice into this mixture.
  4. Let it thicken over low heat, then pour into single-portion molds, such as silicone. Let it cool first at room temperature and then in the fridge, preferably for half a day.
  5. Turn the ice over and decorate, if you like, with chocolate chips and grains.

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Frost of mellone: ​​history of dessert

As we have anticipated, the gelu di muluni was born in Sicily where it is traditionally prepared on the day of August 15th . The word mellone derives from the Italianization of muluni , watermelon in Sicilian dialect.

Like so many other traditional recipes, it has many variations. In fact, you can decorate the watermelon frost with hazelnuts, dark chocolate , pistachios and everything you like best, for a presentation in style.


This fresh and light dessert can be kept for a maximum of 1-2 days in the refrigerator, well covered by the cling film. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer so as not to alter its consistency.

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