It’s a luxury everyone should have. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps preventing wrinkles! Let’s find out all the reasons why ypu should absolutely buy one!

The right mattress and the perfect pillow are the fundamental tools to sleep well and wake up relaxed. Sleeping is one of the most important moments of the day: that is why experts recommend to rest for at least 8 hours every night.

Did you know that pillowcases are also part of your relax? Especially if you sleep on one side or lying on your stomach, silk pillowcases can help you prevent wrinkles! Not only: there are many other reasons why you should start using them!

5 good reasons why you should choose a silk pillowcase

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1. They are hypoallergenic. This is the first reason why you should immediately go buy silk pillowcases. One of their main properties is keeping away dust mites, fungi and mold.

2. They keep your skin hydrated. Silk is very important for your skincare, because it helps keeping it naturally wet without using night creams.

3. They have an anti-aging effect. As we mentioned, these pillowcases help preventing wrinkles and do not absorb creams, unlike cotton ones. They are highly recommended for people suffering from acne or eczemas or if your skin gets easily inflamed.

4. They also have benefit for your hair. It seems silk stresses hair less. In fact, cotton pillowcases make it frizzy and promote split ends.

5. They influence the nervous system. Silk pillowcases can reduce stress and keep the perfect body temperatures during the night.

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