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Simple and effective vampire make-up: how to do it!


Vampire makeup is, without a doubt, one of the most popular of Halloween. Let’s find out together how to do it in a simple and convincing way.

As Halloween approaches, vampire makeup is one of the most sought after. It is in fact one of the most chosen and appreciated disguises by both adults and children. With a cape, false teeth and the right make-up you can in fact get a truly believable image. Image that based on the way you use cosmetics can be both scary and fun. And all with relative simplicity. In fact, a few tricks are enough to create a make-up that is beautiful to look at and that does not cost effort or too much money.

So let’s find out how to make the right makeup for both adults and children.

Vampire makeup for Halloween: the basic rules

To make a good vampire make-up it is important to focus on the most important aspects of the face which are the pallor and the red lips.


To this it is good to add a touch of black for the eyes: the make-up can in fact replace the dark circles that usually characterize vampires.

  1. It is therefore good to start with a light foundation or even better with a powder. In this way you will get a diaphanous skin but without exaggerating and arriving at an unrealistic effect.
  2. Once this is done, you can move on to contour the eyes with abundant eyeliner . Which will make the look deeper.
  3. The lips must be bright red and for those who wish they can be outlined with a darker pencil stroke.
  4. Finally, the false teeth will be applied.

Vampire makeup for children: how to make it

In the case of the little ones, as with other Halloween tricks , it is advisable to opt for something lighter.

vampire baby makeup
vampire baby makeup

You can always choose to lighten the face a little and create dark circles with a light gray eyeshadow to pass around the eyes. A little red on the lips, false teeth and you will get a very respectable vampire . And all in a rather simple and quick way: an element that, when it comes to makeup for the little ones, is always very important.

With these tricks, vampire makeup for Halloween will be perfect and more than ever combinable with any type of costume.

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