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Skin cancers: what they are and how to distinguish them between benign and malignant

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Skin cancers: let’s find out everything there is to know about them and how to distinguish them between benign and malignant.

Skin cancers are the most common type of cancer. They tend to develop more in people who work outdoors and who often expose themselves to the sun’s rays. More frequent in fair-skinned people, they are often asymptomatic, which is why it is very important to always pay attention to any possible skin mutation.

Skin cancer: how to recognize it and what to do if in doubt

We often hear about melanoma but skin cancers are actually different.

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A very common skin cancer is for example skin cancer which can be basal cell or squamous cell. If recognized in time, it can be treated with positive results and usually we proceed with the removal or with the application of local therapies.

Obviously there are also benign skin tumors such as nevi , some spots and certain neoformations whose characteristics do not suggest anything negative.

To distinguish them correctly, however, it is essential to contact an expert doctor who, based on the shape, type of evolution and other parameters, will be able to distinguish them and decide how to move.

Skin cancer: the most common symptoms and which should always be recognized

Generally, the symptoms that it is important to look out for in order to avoid taking risks are:

– Changes in skin pigmentation.
– The new formations .
– The strange and sudden growth of moles.
– Red or scaly moles (not to be confused with red spots on the skin ).
– Nevus with nodules.
– Itching in the area of ​​the growth.
– Pain in areas with the presence of nevi.
– Of the poorly defined margins of the nevus.
– Bleeding in the vicinity of growths.

As for the causes, the most well-known are age, fair skin , weak immune system, smoking, exposure to ultraviolet rays and lamps, genetic abnormalities and some types of treatments.

In the presence of new formations or the symptoms listed above, therefore, it is always good to contact a doctor to calm down and not take unnecessary risks. For prevention, however, it is recommended to avoid smoking and exposure to the sun’s rays in the hottest moments and without adequate sun protection .

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