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Skin rash: what it is, how it looks and how it is treated

Erythema on the back

Skin rash is one of the skin problems. What it is and how it is treated.

A skin rash is a reaction that can affect anyone at least once in their life. Specifically, it is a skin rash that can present itself with different symptoms and which according to them requires certain treatments. So let’s find out how to recognize it and what to do when it shows up.

Skin rash: the causes

When a rash occurs, the skin tends to change in appearance . In fact, it is reddened, often dry or damaged and most of the times there are manifestations of burning, itching or even pain.

back erythema
back erythema

The rash, also called skin erythema is one of the symptoms of dermatitis but not only. There can be many problems that activate this inflammatory response in our body such as, for example, many food and non- food allergies . Going to the main and most common causes of skin rashes are:

Atopic dermatitis
– Insect bites
– Contact dermatitis
– Fungal infections
– Exanthematous diseases
– Psoriasis
– Seborrheic dermatitis
– Shingles (better known as shingles)

Skin rash: the cure

Obviously, there are different treatments for each skin rash. The first thing to do when one is presented is therefore to understand the actual cause. Only once the latter has been identified will it be possible to establish (obviously on medical advice) which treatment to implement.

In some cases, in fact, ointments may be enough. In case of allergies it may be appropriate to use cortisone creams and for herpes zoster or other causes often drugs are also needed. In general, to soothe the discomfort and burning, the area can be temporarily treated with chamomile compresses, which are useful to soothe the discomfort while looking for the right cure. Alternatively, you can also apply an emollient cream, which is best done only if you already have an idea of ​​what the cause could be and only after paying attention not to be allergic to the components in any way.

In the rare cases, in which even after medical advice and after following the indicated treatment, the problem persists, it may be useful to contact a dermatologist in order to analyze the problem more carefully.

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