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Skin rashes: what they are and why they arise


Skin rashes: we discover the possible causes and they arise to treat them in the most correct way.

Rashes are reactions that cause the skin to change in appearance and color. They can occur in every moment of life and with a different entity. Usually they generate unpleasant sensations such as itching , a sense of heat, burning, etc … So let’s find out what they depend on and why they arise.

Skin rashes: the most common causes

A rash can come on suddenly or gradually. In any case, it will always have a root cause that is important to know in order to remedy the problem .


Sudden rashes can often be caused by insect bites or exanthematous diseases such as chickenpox and measles. In other cases it can be allergic reactions such as when suffering from contact dermatitis.

Rash and itching almost always go hand in hand, and only by understanding the exact cause that gave rise to it can a permanent solution be found. Reason why, unless it is something really fleeting, the advice is to always contact your doctor or, in more serious cases, to go to the emergency room.

How to recognize a rash and how to treat it

Whether it is eczema or itchy skin rashes, the only way to be sure of the causes that triggered the problem is to contact a doctor who, based on the symptoms, will be able to evaluate whether to give immediate treatment or prescribe a series of tests. .

Generally based on the cause, antihistamines or cortisone are among the most common treatments. While for any fungi or infections it may be necessary to take antibiotics. In case of dermatitis, a diet can also be recommended to be followed in order to disinfect the body. In any case, the treatments are almost always simple and decisive.

Furthermore, in less invasive and only sporadic cases, in order to prevent light and non-allergic skin rashes or due to the various diseases that cause them, you can try to reduce stress, wear breathable clothes, avoid sudden changes in temperature or hot places, often responsible for many types of eczema or eruptions such as, for example, sweat dermatitis .

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