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Skincare: the most common mistakes we make without realizing it

make-up removal

What are the skincare mistakes we make without realizing it? Let’s find out how to prevent damage to our skin!

Taking care of your skin is a very difficult task, because you should follow proper nutrition, use the right products every morning and every evening and, of course, pay attention to the mistakes of the skincare that we often commit without realizing it. So what are these precautions that we underestimate? Obviously, bad habits also play an important role … Let’s find out more!

Skincare: mistakes not to be done to avoid damaging the skin

For perfect skin, you don’t need to use the right products and follow a correct beauty routine, you should also avoid some mistakes.

make-up removal
make-up removal

First of all, we must never and never crush the pimples : this gesture causes only irritation and in more serious cases we could even cause the birth of an infection. But not only that: by squeezing pimples we also stimulate the formation of spots and scars.

Taking excessive care of your skin is also harmful: we avoid doing too many scrubs a week, but we try to reduce exfoliation to at least a maximum of two times every 7 days. Protecting yourself from the sun is also very important, as the sun’s rays cause damage to the skin, not only to the sea but also to the city! So, always better to have a face sunscreen with you.

Let’s not underestimate the importance of removing make-up before going to sleep and avoid washing your face several times a day. We also initially mentioned that bad habits can play an important role in cases like these. In fact, the skin is damaged not only by the use of poor products or by the errors we have just mentioned, but also by the excessive habit of smoking.

Smoking, as we should well know, ages the skin and stimulates premature aging especially on the face. So, we may find ourselves fighting wrinkles and signs of aging earlier than expected!

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