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Sleep disorders: what they are and how to remedy them

woman with insomnia

Sleep disorders: find out what they are and how to solve them to get back to sleep well.

Sleep disturbances are an often underestimated problem but of great importance. In fact, sleeping is essential for the well-being of the organism . Any sleep disorder, which does not help you sleep well, makes you nervous, tired and lowers the immune system, affecting the quality of life . So let’s find out what are the main sleep disorders and diseases and how to recognize and solve them.

Sleep disturbances: causes and symptoms

More and more often we hear about people who sleep badly or who have sleep problems during the night. Problems that are then reflected during the day, compromising lucidity, serenity and mood and putting the body at risk, which, when weakened, is more prone to cardiovascular diseases, infections and metabolic problems.

woman with insomnia
woman with insomnia

Among the many sleep disorders, there are known and lesser known ones. Generally the most frequent are:

– Insomnia
– Sleepwalking
– Sleep apnea
– Nocturnal epilepsy
– The restless legs syndrome
– Narcolepsy

The symptoms of sleep disorders that all these problems have in common are the feeling (or awareness) of not having rested enough. Problems associated mostly with fatigue, listlessness, irritability, drowsiness during the day, mood swings, hunger, depression, nervousness and lack of mental clarity.

Remedies for sleep disorders

When the problem is mild and does not lead to real sleep diseases, you can think of a better sleep routine which usually consists in putting into practice some techniques which are:

– Go to sleep early and possibly always at the same time
– Make the area where you sleep relaxing and well isolated from lights and noise
– Dine on light foods
– Avoid exciting substances
– Drink relaxing herbal teas
– Do not watch TV, PC or smartphone at least two hours before going to sleep
– Lead a healthy lifestyle

If these strategies are not sufficient, it is important to discuss the problem with your doctor . In this way it will be possible to evaluate whether to carry out specific tests in order to understand the specific causes and find a remedy. Only in this way will you be able to go back to sleep peacefully, restoring the quality of your life.

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