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Sleep embraced? Here is the secret to a successful relationship

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The success of a relationship can depend on how you sleep: according to a study by an English university, the couples who sleep embraced would have a more fulfilling relationship.

The success of a relationship also depends on how you sleep. Well yes, as shown by a study conducted by an English university, the University of Hertfordshire , 94% of couples who maintain contact overnight have a more satisfying relationship.

Consequently, a relationship between two people sleeping close or embraced, it will succeed more easily than one of two people who prefer to sleep more distant from each other.

Sleeping close together is better: why?

Sleeping close together can be a determining factor in the success of a relationship. But why? The reason is simple: sleeping close neighbors helps our body by increasing the release of oxytocin and decreasing that of cortisol .

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In fact, oxytocin, a hormone of a protein nature, has been linked to the establishment of a bond between men and women. The higher the level of oxytocin, the greater the possibility of forming a strong emotional relationship with your partner.

Also, as mentioned above, sleeping in contact with your partner decreases the level of cortisol , a steroid hormone responsible for stress . Reducing stress is very important: it is in fact accused of causing dementia .

Sleeping as a couple, the best positions

But what are the best positions for sleeping as a couple. The results of research conducted by the University of Hertfordshire , carried out on a thousand people , has shown how it would be recommended to sleep back to back , hand in hand or, better option, closed in an embrace .

Instead, it is preferable not to sleep apart. In fact, spending the night at a distance from the partner of more than seventy centimeters would lead to more conflicts and tensions in everyday life, making the relationship less satisfying.

However, the rule of sleeping neighbors should not always be followed. If during the day you have had clashes or experienced moments of tension , it is better to give up sleeping embraced for one night and stay at a safe distance from your partner.

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