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Sleeping without a pillow: the pros and cons you should know

girl with pillow

Is sleeping without a pillow good or bad? Here’s what you need to know about it.

Sleeping without a pillow is one of the many questions that seem destined not to have a clear and precise answer. According to the experts, in fact, the response tends to be different.
However, there are some points on which everyone agrees and which can give an idea of ​​what are the benefits and contraindications of sleeping without a pillow. So let’s find out the most important.

Sleeping without a pillow: pros and cons

girl with pillow
girl with pillow

One of the most common questions about proper “sleep hygiene” is whether sleeping without a pillow is good for you or not. Although it is known that human beings have always used pillows or fabrics and fabrics to rest under their heads during rest , it is increasingly said that a rest without a pillow is far better. But what, in fact, would the benefits be? Among the most important are:

– Less wrinkles due to the absence of fabric that rubs against the face at night
– Less skin impurities
Bones more aligned
– Less neck pain
– Fewer episodes of insomnia
– Increased memory and rest due to deeper sleep

Why it is better not to sleep without a pillow: the cervical

If we think of the negative effects, what everyone agrees on is the risk of contracting the cervical. In fact, it seems that “a point of support ” in that area affects less about the way in which the weight of the body is distributed during rest. It must be said, however, that these aspects can also vary according to how you choose to sleep.

For example, the use of the pillow is more recommended for those who have a habit of sleeping on their side or in a supine position. In fact, it seems that in both cases it is necessary to have a support base. Go ahead instead to rest without a pillow for those who have the habit of sleeping on their stomach. In this case, in fact, the pillow would worsen what is not considered a good position in itself.

Finally, it should be remembered that each of us is different and that often the best choice is simply the one in which we feel most comfortable. That is the one that allows an adequate and peaceful rest and that in the morning sees us get up rested and without scattered pains.

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