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Slow metabolism? 4 herbal teas to wake him up!

Herbal tea

Let’s see which are the best herbal teas for slow metabolism, those that help awaken it and burn excess fat.

Reactivating the metabolism to lose weight is essential. To do this it is first of all necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet and do lots of sport, but herbal teas for metabolism, based on natural ingredients , can also help us.

Our grandmothers handed down to us numerous drink recipes to speed up metabolism and burn fat, let’s see some of the best and most effective !

Herbal teas for slow metabolism: 4 recipes

Herbal tea
Herbal tea

Ginger and lemon herbal tea. A very simple homemade fat-burning herbal tea is the one based on ginger and lemon. To prepare it, simply steep a piece of ginger root and a few slices of lemon in hot water for 10 minutes. Filter and drink the hot herbal tea after meals.

Herbal tea with grass. The gramigna is a plant with numerous properties: it accelerates metabolism, eliminates toxins and drains excess fluids; in infusion it is excellent for fighting cellulite and losing weight. To prepare it, soak 30 grams of grass roots for an hour in water at room temperature, then chop and infuse them for five minutes in boiling water. Filter the herbal tea and drink it throughout the day.

Apple and cinnamon herbal tea. Apple peel contains ursolic acid, which helps burn fat and strengthen muscles. Cinnamon speeds up the metabolism and gives the herbal tea a great flavor. Boil the peels of three apples in a liter of water, then leave to cool and add a tablespoon of cinnamon.

– Cayenne pepper and green tea herbal tea. Cayenne pepper is thermogenic, while green tea is diuretic. Their combination is great for burning fat and eliminating excess fluids. To prepare the herbal tea, add a pinch of pepper to green tea and, if necessary, sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey.

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