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Slowness: here are the benefits of facing life calmly


Nowadays, slowness has become synonymous with laziness, a totally wrong concept. We must learn to bring slowness into our lives: the benefits are innumerable.

We live in an increasingly frenetic world where slowness has become synonymous with laziness. We are always in a hurry, stressed, often in an attempt to impress others. We forget that life is not a race . Slowness, which we see as an enemy, is actually our precious ally , which brings with it many benefits.

And it is precisely because slowness brings so many benefits that we should stop a little every day, dedicate time to ourselves . However, slowness should not be confused with boredom. Calm is not boredom, it is dedicating yourself completely to something, without distractions , dedicating to it all the necessary time, without any hurry.

The benefits of slowness

It is useless to deny it: we are often in a hurry, submerged by a sea of stress . Most of the time, it is an unmotivated haste , accompanied only by disadvantages. Concentration suffers, and productivity with it. But not only that, stress makes us sick, it does not make us fully enjoy life.

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Slowness, on the other hand, generates countless benefits. Stress is reduced, we can concentrate better. As a result, we are more successful in what we do, whether in the workplace or simply a hobby. The slowness gives us time to think, it makes life easier to enjoy.

How to bring slowness into our lives

Now that the benefits are clear, a question arises: how do we get slowness into our lives? There are many methods , some also very simple .

You could devote yourself to meditation or yoga . The benefits of these two practices are innumerable. They help to take a break, to stop for a second, to focus on breathing and relaxation, leaving all worries behind. In addition, a study conducted by a Japanese university said that meditating every day helps save the brain .

Sometimes, to allow yourself a break, a period of slowness, even less is enough. Find a hobby that relaxes you, whether it’s drawing, listening to music or caring for a vegetable garden, and take your time. However, it will be necessary to eliminate all distractions and focus exclusively on the activity, otherwise the effects will not be as good.

If you really don’t have time to devote to a hobby, try the 5 minutes rule : whatever activity you are about to do, whether it is also going to work or school, start it with five minutes in advance: you will be less in a hurry and you will be able to do things more calmly.

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