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Smetana, the sour cream of Russian cuisine


Making smetana with the original Russian recipe is really simple and you will discover why sour cream is so loved.

The Russians are masters of milk processing and the numerous products obtained, present in their supermarkets, are an example of this. Among these stands out sour cream, known as smetana, an omnipresent ingredient in all Russian recipes , from appetizers to desserts. For example, it is she who accompanies the classic blinis or who season simple boiled potatoes. Just think that it is even mentioned in the novels of famous Russian writers of the caliber of Tolstoy and is the protagonist of several children’s novels.

Smetana is a simple recipe that can also be prepared at home starting from milk or cream . The result will still be delicious and we can guarantee that once you try it you will no longer be wondering what it is or how to do it, you will just use it! Ready to take a dip in one of the most famous Russian recipes?


How to make smetana with the original Russian recipe

  1. The preparation is really simple. Pour the milk or cream into a high-necked container.
  2. Add the yogurt and mix well so that all the enzymes contained in it are distributed.
  3. Cover the container with gauze or cloth and let it sit at room temperature overnight ( 12 hours ).
  4. Your smetana is ready to be used. If you used milk as a starting ingredient, smetana is the upper part of the same, the one that emerges. Conversely, if you started directly with fresh cream, then smetana is all you got.

We advise you to try smetana with blinis or with simple boiled potatoes, garnished with chives.


Smetana can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, well covered with film.

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