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Snacks for the summer: here are the foods to fight the heat and the heat


Quick and dietetic snacks for the summer: find out which are the best anti-hot foods and fight the heat during your breaks …

If you are one of those women who never gets caught unprepared, not even by the arrival of a long sultry summer, and you have not yet taken steps to review the shopping list, then the time has come to think about it. Just like for the change of wardrobe, there is the “change of expenditure”. From breakfast, to dinner, to the beloved snacks : all to be reviewed.

The shopping list must be drawn up tactically. The goal is absolutely not to go on a diet for the summer, but to focus on the purchase of products that help to cope with the intense summer days. Finally, special attention should be paid to dietary snacks outside the home , the best anti-hot foods that will be very useful for fighting the heat and the heat. Let’s find out more.

5 perfect summer snacks to fight the heat and the heat

It is important to remember that in summer you should not swallow only fruit and vegetables as it would result in a mix that instead of lightening you would only swell. If during the winter as an afternoon snack you would treat yourself to hot tea, wholemeal biscuits and dried fruit … in summer perhaps it would be better to focus on something more refreshing .

DIY popsicles . If prepared with the artist’s eye, popsicles can turn out to be beautiful to propose after a dinner with friends. The alternatives in this case are two: use fruit flavored water plus other fruit in pieces, or whisk together the fruit you prefer along with the yogurt.


Stuffed papaya . With only 43 kcal per 100 g of tasty tropical pulp, papaya takes the top places among the best summer foods. So many vitamins and minerals wait for nothing more than to meet with Greek yogurt and fruit . All you have to do is fill half the papaya with the yogurt you prefer (the Greek quality is more suitable, precisely for its consistency similar to ice cream ) and finish the work with a handful of fruit.

Raw ham and figs . To eat in summer, you don’t need to “take off” an entire pack of raw ham. 3 figs wrapped in 3 slices of ham are enough to be ready in a box for the first attack of sudden hunger.

Bresaola, rocket and avocado rolls . Good proteins, fiber and fats are ready to cool you down! Mash the avocado pulp with some rocket leaves and use them to stuff your slices of bresaola!

Flax seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds . If you want a little more taste, add some pieces of dehydrated coconut. They are ideal for a quick snack.

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