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Why are soft drinks unhealthy, and how do the damage your liver and body? Find out how to stop drinking them every day!

Are soft drinks dangerous? It seems so: they are very unhealthy. They cause addiction, speed aging up and damage some organs, for example the liver. Moreover, regularly drinking these drink cause weight gain and excess sugar in your body. Even the diet ones are dangerous. Let’s find out more about them!

Why soft drinks are unhealthy

One bottle of soft drink contains 8 tablespoons of sugar. Remember that the average sugar amount women should take daily is 6 tablespoon, 9 for men. So these drink are not exactly healthy.

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We know sugar is dangerous for our body. Its excess causes obesity and other metabolic disorders. Moroever, it increases bad bacteria and intestinal fungi. All the sugar soft drinks contain increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and overweight. They can also cause some types of cancer.

How soft drinks harm our body

First of all, these substances lower blood potassium levels, causing muscle weakness and heart problems. However, the most immediate effect is abdominal bloating. This happens because soft drinks are full of carbon dioxide and quickly bloat your belly. This is why they are not recommended during pregnancy. Instead, diet ones contain artificial colorings, dangerous both for the mother and the fetus. Here are a list of what these drink can cause:

  • Fat buildup around vital organs, for example around kidneys, liver and intestine. You can risk to suffer from type 2 diabetes and other inflammatory diseases. The most evident symptom of this problem is a bloating belly.
  • Premature aging. Soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, which gives them their specific flavor. However, this substance hinders calcium absorption and can cause kidney problems, reduction in bone density, osteoporosis and loss of muscles.
  • In children, they can cause obesity and addiction. Soft drink cause weight gain, due to their high content of sugar.
  • They ruin your teeth. Phosphoric acid damages both bones and teeth: it can cause gum disorders, cavities and tooth fall.
  • Kidney stones. The daily consumption of these products increase of the 23% the risk of kidney stones.
  • They cause cancer. The colorings soft drinks contain cause cancer in animals, so they can harm human beings, too.

Diet soft drinks: an urban myth

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Choosing diet soft drinks is not the right thing to do: they are as harmful as the normal ones. In this case, artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, replace sugar. These substances are responsible of some type of tumors, such as breast, brain and liver cancer.

How to stop taking soft drinks

Other than physical problems, these products are also addictive, so it is better to start avoiding them gradually. They only have negative effects, so if you give up on them you will improve your health. How to do it?

First of all, clarify your goal. Then, start changing your daily habits. Don’t stand or pass in front of vending machines which sell soft drinks and don’t keep them at home. Slowly replace them with other drinks, such as green or red tea, milk or mineral water with lemon. Furthermore, do something else: chat with a friend or go for a walk.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/sfondo-bevande-gassate-cola-freddo-3470205/, https://www.pexels.com/photo/drinks-supermarket-cans-beverage-3008/

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