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A matte lipstick might dry your lips out and cause the “striped” effect. Find out how to put it on in a perfect and uniform way!

It may seem easy, but it’s not. In the last period, matte lipsticks are one of the most loved make-up products. However, it can be difficult to put it on. This type of lipstick dries your lips and is likely to create a “striped” effect. This is not the look we want, then let’s find out how to put on a matte lipstick in a perfect and uniform way!

How to put matte lipstick on

There are four simple tips to follow to apply matte lipstick and to avoid drying out the lips more than they should. Before moving on to the procedure, however, some advice on the products to use. Choose high quality ones, in order not to spoil your lips more. Dryness may actually cause problems in your mouth if not treated. let’s find out how to apply matte lipstick!

Some rules to perfectly put your matte lipstick on
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Prevention is better than cure, so before applying the lipstick, scrub your lips and, immediately after, apply a lip balm. After a few minutes, gently dab the balm, without completely remove it.

Before applying the lipstick, outline your mouth shape with a pencil. Then, use a brush to apply your lipstick. As soon as it dries, apply some lip balm. Hey presto, the process is concluded and the lipstick, in addition to last longer and look perfect, will excessively dry your lips out!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/cosmetici-polvere-rossetto-1543276/

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