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SOP and OTC drugs: what they are, what distinguishes them and what they have in common

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What is the difference between SOP and OTC drugs ?

Today it happens more and more often to come across these two acronyms, also due to the increasingly widespread habit of buying drugs online from specialized e-commerce such as Farmaregno , so let’s try to provide a comprehensive answer.

First of all, it must be said that the world of drugs embraces very heterogeneous products, therefore it should not be surprising that they can be divided into different categories.

Bulk drugs
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OP drugs, that is, with a medical prescription

As is known, for some types of medicines it is necessary to show a medical prescription , and drugs of this type are called OP, or “prescription obligation”.

The need to provide a medical prescription to ensure these medicines is due to many aspects: the most important is certainly to avoid that these drugs can be used improperly, perhaps following simplistic “self-diagnosis”, at the same time obviously their availability must be guaranteed only and exclusively to those who really need it, without waste.

Not all drugs, however, fall into the OP category: there are many drugs that can be purchased without prescription obligations and can be divided into the two categories mentioned above, therefore SOP and OTC.

So let’s not hesitate and find out what it is, starting with OTC drugs.

OTC drugs, or over-the-counter drugs

OTC drugs owe this name to the expression “over the counter”, which in English means “over the counter”.

These drugs, also called over-the-counter drugs, can be sold and purchased completely free of charge , without the obligation of a medical prescription, since the relative active ingredients allow to combat moderate ailments and ailments, or problems for which the same person who is affected can, on the basis of the symptoms encountered, take the necessary countermeasures.

In addition to being freely purchased at any pharmacy, OTC drugs can also be purchased online without restrictions, unlike those for which a medical prescription is required.

SOP drugs: what distinguishes this category of drugs?

SOP drugs are a de facto category very similar to that of OTC drugs, however they are placed at a sort of intermediate stage between OTC drugs and OP drugs.

Even SOP drugs can be freely purchased without showing a medical prescription, however they cannot be advertised as can be the case for OTC drugs; the boundary between these two types of drug, therefore, is very blurred, but in any case absolutely worthy of being emphasized.

What OTC and SOP drugs have in common

Finally, it is useful to underline that OTC drugs and SOP drugs are marked by the same brand that distinguishes drugs that can be purchased without a prescription, at the same time it is useful to remember that these drugs are to be understood in all cases at the expense of the citizen, consequently not reimbursements may be provided by the National Health System.

Therefore, this is what these two categories of drugs have in common, together with the possibility of purchasing them without any prescription.

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