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Sore throat? 10 natural remedies for immediate relief!

Sore throat? 10 natural remedies for immediate relief!

Some wind makes you feel immediately sick? Here are the best natural remedies for sore throat and to soothe an inflamed throat!

Continuous temperature up and downs, crowded places, stress and fatigue are all dangerous attacks against our health and especially against our throat, which is the first to feel sick. Burning, swallowing difficulties, swollen tonsils : if you are experiencing these symptoms you need to do something. Before using medications, try some natural remedies for sore throat. Following, you will find out everything about all the tricks – ancient and recent –  handed down from generation to generation to cure a sore throat.

Of course, if the symptoms persist and the situation worsens instead of improving, it is better to see a doctor. These natural remedies must not replace the opinion of a specialist. Let’s find out how to heal your sore throat in a natural way!

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1. Keep your feet and head warm

It seems stupid, but keeping your body warm is the first step. So wear wool hats (better if handmade!) that will avoid heat loss. Wear them not only when you are outdoors but also at home, where we spend most of our time.

It is also important to keep your feet warm: try and warm them up with a foot bath. Before going to bed, dip your feet in warm water with essential relaxing oils: this will help you heat up. After about 5 minutes, dry them and put thick socks in order to keep them warm, and go to bed.

2. Gargle: salt and water or baking soda

Mix a teaspoon of salt in a small glass of warm water. Take a sip and hold in your mouth for about 30 seconds, gargling with your head tilted back. Continue and finish all the water. The taste of this salt solution is very intense, so this method may not be for everyone (it is not pleasant!). For child sore throat, taught them first this “technique” using just water.

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The principle behind this sore throat natural remedy is that salt is an excellent anti-bacterial: it prevents bacteria growth.

For garglings you can also use baking soda, which has excellent disinfecting properties.

3. Narrow-leaved paperbark oil (tea tree oil)

This product, also known as tea tree oil, is a real panacea and it is perfect against sore throat. Even Australian Aboriginals used to rely on tea tree oil to fight gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. This oil can be used in two ways: internal or external.

For external use, just mix a few drops (very few, because it is very powerful) in half a glass of water and gargle with it. This method is also very useful in case of mouth sore and throat white patches.

For internal use, instead, just add few drops to a teaspoon of honey or sugar. This remedy  is excellent in case of strong sore throat. However, it should not be used with children.

4. Ginger for a persistent sore throat

Ginger is one of the most classic natural remedies for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial power. It can be used raw or in a herbal tea.

For the ginger herbal tea, cut 3-4 cm of fresh root in very small pieces. Do not remove the peel, but wash it thoroughly. Put the ginger in a pot with water, boil it and leave to infuse for 5 minutes more. Drink it twice every day until your throat will not feel better.

If possible, add a little cinnamon, which has a natural antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic action and can also stimulate the immune system. Moreover, it adds taste and fragrance to your tea!

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You can also eat raw ginger, as if it were a candy, but its taste is very strong: we do not recommend it if you’re not accustomed to.

5. Propolis and honey

Honey is one of the most ancient remedies in the world, which science also supports. An American Journal of Therapeutics research stated that its essential anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties are real and scientifically proven, especially against pain and inflammation.

You can eat spoonfuls of honey or mix it in your herbal teas and hot drinks (perhaps based on ginger as well, to combine two remedies in one). It is not recommended for infants and diabetics.

Propolis is even more powerful: it has antibacterial and antiviral properties and fights different streptococci. You can spray it directly into your throat, about 5 times per day, or eat it raw, chewing it a couple of times a day as if it were a candy. Propoli is perfect for people who can not consume alcohol.

6. Lots of water (hydration is key!)

The most important part of these remedies is hydration. Hot and cold drinks help with the healing: your own saliva has a soothing action on the sore throat.

Obviously, staying hydrated is good not only when you are sick, but always. You should always listen to your thirst and understand when your body needs water. Moreover, dehydration and sore throat will make you feel even worse.


7. Rosa canina

Also known with the name dog rose, it is a very popular remedy. You can find it at the herbalist’s shop or online and you can also use it for jams and liqueurs. Just 100g of rosa canina berries contain as much vitamin C as 1 kg of oranges! Together with the flavonoids it contains, dog roses have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory tract. Therefore, it is useful also in case of pharyngitis and common cold. Moreover, its immunomodulatory properties also help strengthening the immune system.

Rosa canina has a great taste so it is perfect for making herbal teas. Just leave 1 tablespoon of its crushed dried berries in infusion in hot water for 10 minutes. It is also recommended in case of tiredness and fatigue.

8. Aerosol or inhalations

Our grandmothers made us do them when we were kids: aerosol or inhalations are one of the classic grandma’s old remedies against sore throat, to free nose and throat from inflammation.

Boil some water in a pot, then carefully transfer it into a basin. Cover you head with a cloth, place it on the basin and start breathing the steam. You will immediately feel relief in your respiratory tract. You can also put essential oils in the water to enhance the effect. Perfect before going to sleep!

9. Aanti-inflammatory diet


When we are sick, we would just eat junk food and sleep. However, it is important to keep eating “real” food, less refined and processed as possible. Packaged foods, processed meats, and very sweet products could worsen the situation.

An anti-inflammatory diet plays a key role in preventing and fighting swelling and sore throat. So it is ok to eat extra virgin olive oil, ginger, cinnamon, pineapple, turmeric, walnuts, almonds, and fish.

For temporary relief, you can enjoy a nice popsicle, better if home-made.

10. Natural vitamin cure before each change of season

If you are a bit weak, or simply particularly subject to this type of inflammation, the advice is be ready. The most risky periods are the change of season. When these periods start, begin a cure of vitamins. It is not about taking vitamin supplements: you can simply integrate the right foods in your diet.

Vitamin C

Contained in oranges, citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli, spinach, pineapple, and a lot of other fruits and vegetables, vitamin C is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. It helps reducing the discomfort due to coughs, colds and sore throat.

Vitamin B and E

The first one gives energy, against stress and anxiety. You can find it mainly in eggs, milk, green leaf vegetables and fish.

Vitamin E stimulates the immune system and counteracts cellular ageing. Olive oil, walnut oil, fish oil, peanuts, walnuts and butter contain it.

Vitamin D

Foods rich in vitamin D and calcium are known for strengthening health and bones and for combating fatigue. In the first place there is definitely the fish (mackerel, salmon, trout, sole, swordfish, tuna, and sardines), followed by some dairy products and animal fats, avocado and mushrooms.

It is important to say that our body naturally produces vitamin D through sun exposure. 10 minutes of sun every day, with the appropriate protections, should be a part of our lifestyle.

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