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Sore throat in pregnancy: how to deal with it in the simplest and most immediate way

pregnant woman

Sore throat in pregnancy is a fairly common problem. Let’s find out how to best deal with it both through the allowed remedies and in a natural way.

When you suffer from a sore throat during pregnancy, one of the first concerns is not to use harsh products. At the same time it is very important to act correctly to cure the sore throat and to prevent it from getting worse. Fortunately, there are several different remedies that can be put in place that are quick enough to give you relief almost immediately. Remedies ranging from the most common to completely natural ones.

Sore throat in pregnancy: what to take to get better

There are several remedies available for sore throat in pregnancy.

pregnant woman
pregnant woman

The important thing to do is therefore to choose the most suitable for your situation and the stage of gestation in which you are. The use of drugs , unless otherwise advised by your doctor, is obviously to be avoided. However, you can try to stop the problem by filling up on vitamins (always and only recommended by your doctor), thus strengthening your immune system.

In case of persistent pain, you can always ask your doctor for help with the use of sprays or anti-inflammatory substances, useful for giving relief. Only in case of active bacterial infection can the doctor recommend the use of specific antibiotics and to be taken under his strict control.

Sore throat in pregnancy: the most effective natural remedies

A great help can come from natural remedies, obviously revised according to the gestation period. If for the first few months, propolis normally used to relieve sore throats is in fact not recommended, there are other solutions that can give relief.

Drinks based on lemon and honey, for example, are excellent both for disinfecting the oral cavity and for giving relief. Ginger herbal tea is also a valuable aid that should be used only occasionally due to the mutagenic substances it contains.

To all this you can also add fumigations , lots of rest and a diet rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. In this way, in a short time, the throat will return to its natural state and all without having taken potentially harmful drugs.

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