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Sore throat: what are the symptoms and how to treat it

burning throat

Sore throat is a common problem. Let’s find out what are the most common symptoms and which therapies are most suitable for treating it.

Suffering from a sore throat means having a problem with inflammation of the oral cavity. This is typically a condition that presents with redness and pain and can lead to a severe sore throat or a swollen throat.
In any case, it is an alarm bell for which it is always good to contact your doctor, in order to understand the causes and find the most suitable therapy.

So let’s find out what are the symptoms to focus on and how to act in case of a red throat.

The main symptoms of an inflamed throat: what they are and how to recognize them

When you have a sore throat, the pharynx is most often involved. The causes are usually of the viral type although from time to time they can also be of the bacterial type.

burning throat
burning throat

In any case it is important to understand them immediately in order to discard possible allergic causes or related to exanthematous diseases and find a therapy that helps to relieve pain and discomfort soon.

Going to the symptoms that should alarm, among the most common are:

Burning in the throat
– Difficulty swallowing
– Enlarged glands around the neck
– Red throat
– Swollen tonsils

In some cases, fever may also occur. And when that happens, the problem is more likely to be bacterial.

Sore throat: the most effective remedies to combat it

When you suffer from a sore throat it is always good to consult a doctor.
While waiting, you can find relief from sore throats thanks to the intake of herbal teas based on ginger and honey , from the intake of propolis , from gargle with water and lemon and from hot milk with turmeric and honey.

Of course, resting and protecting your throat is also a way to avoid getting worse. The doctor can then opt for specific sprays or mouthwashes or, in extreme cases, and only if strictly necessary, for the use of specific antibiotics. These, however, must always and only be prescribed by the doctor and never taken randomly. Their continued intake, in fact, can have harmful effects without solving the problem.

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