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SOS: Are bedbugs everywhere? Here’s how to eliminate them from home!

Bed bug

How to get rid of bedbugs from home with completely natural, environmentally friendly products with an immediate repellent action.

Now it’s time: the bedbugs are back! When you hang out the laundry outdoors or if you forget the windows open during the cold season, you run the risk of finding bedbugs attached to the fabrics. If they accidentally get crushed (or even if you just frighten them) this not only dirties the fabric, but gives off an unpleasant smell . Being able to keep them away is not impossible, it will be enough to adopt effective DIY solutions at low cost prices: there is no need to resort to expensive and chemical-rich products, but thanks to natural products such as garlic, mint leaves and tobacco you can create super effective natural repellents.

Let’s see how to prepare anti green bugs (but also anti brown bugs) at home that can be used in every corner of the house following the precious advice of grandmother!

Bed bug
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How to get rid of bedbugs in the house?

-A great grandmother’s natural remedy is garlic . Bedbugs, in fact, cannot bear the smell and tend to stay away. This remedy could become unpleasant at home, therefore, adopt it near doors and windows. To soften the smell, place a basil plant nearby, excellent against insects. To prepare the garlic remedy put two cloves to boil in a liter of water and let it cool. Then spray the mixture on the outside windowsills of the house or on the balconies.

– Another natural repellent against green and brown bugs is catnip . Also known as feline mint, it has a very pleasant smell, unlike garlic, and can be kept at home. Bedbugs don’t like this plant at all and creates an immediate repellent effect .

Alternatively, you can use mint leaves or mint essential oil, similar to catnip in smell. Boil a handful of leaves and rub with a cloth on the furniture to spread the aroma.

-Finally, try the repellent action of tobacco . Get 25 grams of leaf tobacco and boil it in a liter of water Leave to infuse for at least hard hours and after filtering it add a few drops of Marseille soap . Mix everything and pour the product obtained into a spray bottle and use it where necessary.

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