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SOS hair loss: the best remedies, lotions, supplements (and the diet to follow)

Hair loss

Does hair loss come back knocking on your door? Here’s how to strengthen the hair and make it shiny and silky!

Hair loss is a fairly common phenomenon , both in men and women. Especially during the change of seasons, those who wear long hair can in fact find themselves with strands of hair in their hands after washing or brushing them. If, on the other hand, you wear them short, the risk is that the hair appears thinned or even with holes. Those with thick hair usually manage to better camouflage the hairstyle, while those with thin hair will immediately notice a loss of strength and vitality.

In order not to feel uncomfortable, it is important to disguise them, even more so to find remedies immediately . Such as? We can rely on grandma’s remedies and advice, ampoules, lotions, supplements and proper nutrition. What is the best option for each?

Nutrition against hair loss

Obviously, in order to have effective and lasting benefits, it is essential to start with the right diet . For this reason, iron and copper are two fundamental elements for having a healthy and strong hair .

Iron is contained in high percentages in meat, legumes, seafood and potatoes. Among the foods rich in copper , however, there are shellfish, walnuts, salmon, avocado, barley and oats. In case of deficiencies, after consulting with the doctor , however, you can also resort to hair supplements.

Among the most popular, for example, we point out a specific supplement for those with copper deficiencies (with consequent fatigue and anemia): Solgar Oligo Rame Plus Integratore.

If, on the other hand, you also need help with regard to skin and nails, the most suitable is the Health And Happines Swisse for Hair, Skin and Nails.

Treatments against hair loss

Hair loss
Hair loss

In addition to supplements, then, against falling hair there are also lotions and treatments in vials , to be applied by massaging usually once a day for a period not shorter than a month and a half.

For example, the Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5 DT Anti-Hair Loss Treatment for Women vials should be applied for about 6 weeks (one a day) to see a reduction in temporary fall. Based on SP94, Arginine , Aminexil and Vitamins PP, B5 and B6, they are used on damp or dry hair with a light massage.

In another format, but with a very similar concept, we also find Ducray Creastim Hair Loss Treatment, ampoules based on creatine, tetrapeptides and vitamin complexes B5, B6 and B8. If you apply 10 sprays to dry scalp, they help regain strength, vitality and volume (3 applications a week for 2 months).

Furthermore, we can also recommend a specific anti- hair loss shampoo such as the Dercos Energizing Line Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. It will be useful both alone and to maintain and amplify the results obtained : it contains Aminexil and Vitamins PP, B5 and B6, for stronger, voluminous and vigorous hair.

Hair loss: natural remedies

Finally, let’s see some natural remedies and some DIY wraps for all fans of grandma’s remedies!

-For fragile hair, the action of corn starch and honey is nothing short of extraordinary. These two ingredients together will nourish the hair in depth, promoting healthier growth. You will immediately notice that your hair will be thicker and thicker. How to prepare this magical mix ?

Boil half a cup of water and add a tablespoon of cornstarch and one of honey. Stir keeping the heat to low until the compote becomes homogeneous. When it has cooled, spread it from half lengths to the ends and leave on for about 20 minutes . Repeat once a week for benefits over time.

-According to ancient wisdom, you can also try a scalp massage with lemon or cedar essential oil .

-You should also try henna and amla packs, herbs that have always been very popular for hair care.

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