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SOS pimples under the skin: the possible causes and remedies to eliminate them

Pimples under the skin

Let’s find out all about the annoying and unsightly pimples under the skin: remedies, causes and secrets to eliminate them.

Pimples under the skin are not only unsightly, but also annoying. The very swollen and red ones , in fact, are painful, while the small and thick ones are itchy.

The causes can be different, from hormonal imbalances to nutrition, and they must be identified in order to intervene with the best treatment. This is why it is important to always go to a dermatologist and not try to solve the problem with DIY … risking to find ourselves with a face full of giant and inflamed pimples!

Pimples under the skin on the face or forehead: causes and symptoms

The pimples under the skin on the forehead or on the rest of the face can be really annoying, although not we should be concerned if they appear sporadically.


These are more difficult to get rid of than normal white pimples or blackheads, and appear as subcutaneous bumps that are often of considerable size . Sometimes it is possible to come across inflamed, very painful and hard pimples under the skin due to the pus inside them

As we said, a sporadic episode is certainly not worrying. However, when pimples become more and more numerous, frequent and inflamed it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor , as we have already told you.

One of the most frequent causes, especially if the pimples are concentrated on the lower part of the face, is hormonal imbalance , due for example to puberty or polycystic ovary syndrome.

Even an inadequate skin cleansing , the use of occlusive cosmetics and a diet rich in fat can be a reason behind their appearance. Among the aggravating causes we also find alcohol, smoking and excessive exposure to the sun.

Among the symptoms, in addition to pain, it is possible to feel a certain pressure (also based on the size of the pimple), itching, redness , cracked skin and swelling.

How to get rid of pimples under the skin

Getting rid of pimples under the skin overnight is impossible. In most cases, dermatologists prescribe peels or exfoliating creams based on acids or retinoids, which exfoliate the skin and eliminate blackheads under the skin. The treatment is quite long and must be done in winter. If acne is due to hormonal problems, birth control pills are usually prescribed in addition to topical treatments.

Pimples under the skin
Pimples under the skin

If the pimples are sporadic, it is possible to try to eliminate them with natural remedies . The most effective is tea tree essential oil , a powerful natural antibiotic, which flames and deflates the pimple in a few days. The essential oil should be diluted in a little jojoba oil or aloe gel and then applied only on the single pimple. Masks made from green or white clay are also excellent for purifying the skin and relieving pimples.

In any case, do not forget to wash your face morning and evening with a purifying cleanser , to use a scrub twice a week and to choose only non-occlusive creams and cosmetics , free of mineral oils and silicones.

In general, always remember not to squeeze the pimples: in this way you could aggravate the situation, inflaming the affected area and increasing its size!

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