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SOS rain: how to comb your hair? Here are the best hairstyles

Combing in the rain

How to comb your hair when it rains and how to make the perfect anti-rain hairstyles. Let’s find out together!

Humidity, rain and wind: when the weather is not the best outside, our hair is affected. This is why, when the cold season arrives, we must take care of our hair and repair it from the damage that it could also suffer from the rain. But how to comb your hair when it rains? A question to which we can find different answers, in fact it is possible to create fashion hairstyles and anti-rain practices . Let’s find out what they are!

4 anti rain hairstyles

Wet effect. The wet effect that we have seen on many public figures seems to be in fashion. Yet, in addition to being trendy, it is also comfortable and practical as an anti-rain hairstyle! In fact, the wet effect goes perfectly with gloomy and rainy days.

Combing in the rain
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Ponytail. Quick to make and very practical for any occasion. The ponytail, if light with a messy effect , can be worn in style even in the rain! A real salvation for our hair.

• Chignon. If we want to opt for a more elegant look, the chignon is the one for us. It does not require a perfect and homogeneous hairstyle, if always worn with a messy effect, therefore with a few tufts out of place , we can obtain a casual but at the same time very chic look.

• Double braid. A more particular hairstyle than usual is the double braid. Simple and easy to do, it keeps your hair tidy and, above all, creates an anti-rain hairstyle. At the end of the day we can also unravel the braids and show off a voluminous wavy!

In addition to rain, the hair must also be protected from the cold. We must use the right products to keep them hydrated and healthy, despite the low temperatures. During rainy days, moreover, we must privilege anti-humidity and anti-frizz products . And let’s not forget to always bring a hat with us! It could save us on several occasions …

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