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Cannabis cakes are more and more common. However, a new study proved that they’re more dangerous than smoking!

A recent study found out that cannabis desserts are dangerous for our organism. In particular, we are talking about space cakes: they are more and more common but they are also even more dangerous than joints.

The research was published on the Annals of Internal Medicine. It showed that in Colorado, where cannabis is legal, the collected data were alarming. A lot of people suffered from for acute poisoning, cardiovascular diseases and psychiatric problems. According to the research, meal prepared with this ingredient cause these problems.

Space cakes are harmful: the new research!

According to the experts, people who eat this kind of desserts would have more serious consequences than those who only smoke cannabis.

Experts have been talking for a long time about the benefits of this plant, which is also used to cure some diseases. Instead, according to the most recent research, taking it as a dessert ingredient causes health problems.

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If just inhaled, cannabis consequences last a few minutes. Instead, if swallowed, the consequences last longer, because the body absorbs it more slowly. When a person eats a product made with this ingredient, nothing happens.

However, when it builds up in the body, it creates problems such as poisonings. Moreover, eating cannabis for more days causes more serious problems.

The research was made by the Colorado Emergency Room experts. They stated that people who eat cannabis suffer more from psychic and heart problems than those who just smoke it.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/normalforglastonbury/?hl=it

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