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Spiders in the house? Here are the natural remedies to get rid of them!

Spiders in the house

Spiders in the house? Here’s how to eliminate them by using natural products such as peppermint, citrus fruits and vinegar.

The problem of spiders in the home is very frequent if you live in the countryside or surrounded by green spaces. These animals settle everywhere and being able to move them away can become really difficult and when the first heat arrives they start popping up from every corner of the house and weaving cobwebs . To make them go away without hurting them is possible by using natural products that have the sole purpose of annoying them: in this way they will go away and look for another place to shelter.

Fragrant plants like peppermint or eucalyptus are two excellent allies for keeping spiders away from homes. Vinegar and other solutions are also very good. Let’s see what it is and how to best use these remedies for immediate and lasting results .

Spiders at home: how to eliminate them with plants

Spiders in the house
Spiders in the house

A super effective remedy for keeping spiders away is peppermint . Although it is a very pleasant smell for people, it cannot be said that it is the same for these eight-legged creatures. The intense smell of this plant is particularly unpleasant to spiders which therefore keep well away. The best solution to use all year round is to place a jar of water with ten drops of peppermint essential oil in every room of the house. In spring and summer, however, keep a fresh peppermint seedling at home.

Another plant with an unpleasant smell for these arachnids is eucalyptus . How to use it? You can use the drops of essential oil for a quick remedy, or if you have a green space plant a eucalyptus tree.

Other natural remedies against spiders …

To say the least, even the peels of oranges and lemons are unwelcome. This remedy also releases a pleasant fresh smell at home. Rub the skins on the windowsills, or create potpourri with oranges and lemons.

Also try the white wine vinegar . Add two equal parts of water and vinegar and pour them into a spray container. Spray it in the corners of the house or where there are already spiders.

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