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Spiked mat for acupressure: what is the wellness mat for?

Nailed mat for acupressure

A mat that uses the principles of acupressure and acupuncture to give physical well-being. Here’s how to use it and the benefits of the spiked mat.

Receive a massage while lying comfortably in your own home? It is not a dream, but a simple and effective practice that allows us to dissolve muscle tension , relieve physical pain and regain a general sense of well-being, all without making any effort. Here are specifically all the benefits of the acupuncture nail mat.

What is the spiked mat and how to use it

It is a mat, similar to that commonly used for yoga, sprinkled with small nails (about 6,000) with a plastic material and a rounded tip, which exploit the principle of acupuncture to carry out a massage along the whole body, going to solicit the acupoints of traditional Chinese medicine.

Nailed mat for acupressure
Nailed mat for acupressure

The pressure exerted by the nails on the body allows the latter to be stimulated in some key points, which have reflections on its main organs . In fact, in addition to guaranteeing general relaxation, this practice can also provide concrete help against some physical discomforts, such as back pain , headache and joint pain.

To use it, just lie down for at least 5-10 minutes and enjoy the energetic action that the nails exert on the various points of the body, trying to relax as much as possible. At first, you may feel a little discomfort but after a while, you will notice a general sense of wellbeing that will increase over the course, and even more after the treatment.

Swedish Mat: The softer version of the acupressure mat

Contrary to what one might think, the spiked mat is not a child of oriental culture, but was designed in the late seventies by a Soviet piano teacher, Ivan Kuznetzov , driven by the need to heal a physical problem that prevented him from moving Arts.

Over time, different types of acupressure mats were developed that exploited the principle of acupuncture, and today the best known version of the spiked mats is the Swedish one, developed in the following years and perfected thanks to the use of materials. innovative and new designs of the micro-tips, which guarantee an even more targeted and effective action.

Among the most avant-garde versions are the Swedish rugs designed in ecological fiber and without foam rubber, like that of Mysa.

The benefits of the Swedish studded mat

As mentioned, the spiked mat exploits the physiological and energetic mechanism of acupuncture, going to stimulate the acupoints that refer to specific organs of the body, carrying out a beneficial action on them. There are many benefits that this type of treatment, on the border between an acupuncture session and a shiatsu massage, is able to give our body. Here are the main ones.

Releases oxytocin , the feel-good hormone. This plays a vital role in regulating blood pressure and ensures proper functioning of the immune system.

-Regulates metabolism, intervening in weight regulation and ensuring good cellular functioning.

-It favors the process of disposal and elimination of toxins , helping the body to stay healthy, oxygenate the tissues and strengthen the immune system.

Relieves muscle tension and contractures, often responsible for sciatica, back pain, head and neck pain. In particular, if the mat is associated with a spiked pillow , it can effectively act against the localized tension on the neck and shoulders, exercising a targeted massage in this specific area that is often contracted.

– Promotes general relaxation and reduces stress.

– Improves the skin and lymphatic circulation , also acting effectively against cellulite and water retention.

– Regulates the sleep-wake cycle and helps to lower cortisol levels, also called the stress hormone.

Contraindications of the acupressure mat

The nailed mat has no particular contraindications, but it is not recommended in some cases. It is best avoided if you have skin problems , such as eczema, herpes or surface wounds, because the pressure exerted by the micro-tips can be painful and aggravate the situation. Also suffering from capillary fragility and venous insufficiency should limit its use. Finally, it is to be used with caution during pregnancy.

Spiked foot mat

The Swedish spiked mat can also be used in an alterative way, not by lying on it, but by stepping on it, for a targeted action on the feet . In this case, just place the soles of the feet on the nailed surface and stand still for a few minutes, so that the micro-tips can act effectively.

This use is particularly suitable for those who have heaviness and swelling in the legs or want to improve blood circulation in the lower part of the body. Furthermore, by stimulating the various points of the foot, the corresponding organs are stimulated, as in a foot reflexology session.

Mat with biomagnets against back pain

One of the main uses of the spiked mat is for back pain and low back pain. For this purpose, special mats have been designed that combine acupressure with the beneficial action of magnetotherapy . The combined activity of magnets and rounded nails is able to dissolve localized tension and relieve pain and inflammation more effectively.

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