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Spirulina algae for weight loss: how it works


Spirulina algae for weight loss is one of the many natural remedies used daily in the fight against extra pounds. Let’s find out how it works and what is important to know about it.

There are many who use spirulina algae to lose weight. It is in fact a natural remedy and considered healthy as it is rich in important beneficial properties. Spirulina is in fact considered a superfood due to the many proteins, minerals and vitamins it contains. Among the many benefits it brings are in fact those antioxidants and invigorating for the immune system . But how does spirulina in the diet work? Here’s what you need to know.

Does spirulina make you lose weight? Here’s what we know about it

When it comes to spirulina algae and diet, there are many questions. From a technical point of view, in fact, there is no evidence that spirulina makes you fat or lose weight.


However, it is believed that thanks to the contribution of fiber and vitamins and the positive effects that this cyanobacterium has on the metabolism, there are positive effects for those on a diet.

There are several nutritionists who consider spirulina algae a natural slimming and therefore useful to support the diet. Inserted in a healthy and balanced diet, it helps to reach the sense of satiety faster, stimulating (although not everyone agrees about it) the metabolism.

Spirulina algae: doses for weight loss

Going to weight loss, on the market there are several supplements based on this ingredient that both alone and in combination with others such as coffee or ginseng, can promote weight loss in those who follow a healthy diet and supported by activity physics .

To be on the safe side, it is always better to be followed by your nutritionist . Alternatively, you can limit yourself to reading the instructions on the box of the chosen supplement. In general, when it comes to tablets, the average suggested amount is two per day.

Spirulina, however, is an ingredient that can also be used in the kitchen and which, in addition to coloring and making different dishes tasty, also makes them healthy. In this case, for slimming purposes, the daily amount indicated is about two tablespoons. Obviously, to act correctly, the advice is always to contact your doctor also to avoid any contraindications that it is always better to foresee in time.

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