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Spirulina in tablets: properties, price and where to buy it

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Spirulina alga is a type of alga that has enjoyed notoriety and not indifferent success over the past few years.

However, the consumption of its beneficial properties is to be found in antiquity, more precisely in the first 500 years of the Aztec empire. The first scientific demonstrations that brought to light the benefits offered by Alga Spirulina date back to the 70s, and it is thanks to these studies that today we have the guarantee that its intake is able to bring greater well-being to the body.

As a demonstration of what has just been said, just think of the supplements based on Alga Spirulina , natural products with a high content of the active ingredients of this alga. However, it is not only the range of offer made available by the manufacturing companies, but also the high number of people who have become real consumers of these supplements.

Spirulina algae: what is it?

Alga Spirulina, despite its greenish color, belongs to the category of blue algae. Outwardly it looks like a long and narrow alga, recalling the shape of a spiral. What we can define as “surprising”, however, are its nutritional properties .

In fact, Spirulina algae is distinguished by a high intake of proteins , amino acids and lipids . In fact, this type of seaweed is an excellent source of omega 6 and omega 3, two fatty acids whose intake often takes place through the consumption of food supplements.

In short, Spirulina Algae is rich in nutrients and beneficial for the body, capable of positively impacting our health . In particular, its active ingredients are able to normalize blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels and, last but not least, to raise the immune system.

In fact, Spirulina Algae is also rich in vitamins and minerals , essential elements for the body’s well-being. To date, in fact, we are all aware of the inconveniences that can be encountered if the right amount of vitamins and minerals is not provided.

However, it should be emphasized that the intake of Spirulina Algae-based supplements is not so much to be sought for its vitamin intake, but for the benefits it is able to bring in terms of weight balance . This is the main purpose for which Spirulina Algae has recently entered the homes of millions of Italians in the form of a supplement.

Properties and benefits

Spirulina algae we understand to be an optimal source of good and nutritious substances for our body. But, what is the way in which this alga manages to improve our physical health? Let’s find out now. Given the active ingredients that characterize it, Alga Spirulina has become the basis for supplements capable of stimulating weight loss and its consequent control.

In fact, to date there are numerous sportsmen who supplement their diet by consuming supplements based on Alga Spirulina. This is because, in addition to promoting the disposal of adipose mass , this alga is able to bring physical energy, stimulating the body to endure very intense efforts.

The improvement of the silhouette does not depend only on the decrease of the fat mass, but also on a reduction of the sense of hunger . In fact, Spirulina Algae, if taken before meals, is able to increase the sense of satiety, promoting the maintenance of a healthy and balanced diet.

In addition, another benefit offered by the supplements with Alga Spirulina is to be found in the antioxidant properties that distinguish them. In summary, its intake is able to counteract the action of free radicals, responsible for the body’s aging process.

At the same time, Alga Spirulina supplements are an excellent source of vegetable protein , appreciated by those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, this does not mean that these products cannot also be consumed by meat or fish consumers. Its protein content is in fact very high, and can be used to supplement a diet lacking in amino acids .

Where can I buy Spirulina tablets?

Nowadays, the diffusion of products and supplements on the web has played to the advantage of consumers . Until a few years ago, the only way to “access” the purchase of natural supplements was by going to herbalists or pharmacies. The latter are still a safe and inexhaustible source of products to buy, but we certainly cannot compare physical stores to the range of offers on the internet .

In fact, online, you have the opportunity to choose from multiple Alga Spirulina supplements, but not only. Online purchase allows consumers to order and receive the product directly at home, in maximum comfort and speed . However, the most interesting aspect certainly remains the possibility of becoming aware of consumer opinions.

This is perhaps one of the factors that puts online shopping on a much higher level than buying in-store. Getting to know the experiences of consumers is a great way to evaluate the supplement and, above all, understand if it is right for you. Consequently, despite the fact that Alga Spirulina is still available at herbalist’s shops or pharmacies, it is more convenient to buy it from online shops .

Chlorella tablets
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Better in powder or in tablets?

Spirulina Algae supplements essentially come in two completely different forms: in powder and in tablets. However, it is necessary to underline the advantages that distinguish the tablet supplement, which, on the other hand, does not enjoy the powder supplement. Starting from the basics, one must immediately highlight a point in favor of the Spirulina Algae in tablets, or the absence of flavor .

Since it is enough to swallow a tablet with a glass of water, you will not have the slightest perception of the taste of the supplement. On the other hand, the powder diluted in water becomes a real drink , the taste of which will be much more perceptible.

In addition, Spirulina Algae tablets are characterized by a much simpler way of taking them . For example, if you are away from home, taking a pack of tablets with you is much more convenient than a jar full of dust. Similarly, taking a tablet is much faster than mixing the powder in the water, which in addition to taking more time, necessarily needs a glass.

In short, the active ingredients and the benefits of Alga Spirulina do not change based on the formulation of the supplement, but the same cannot certainly be said regarding simplicity and speed of intake. In this regard, having talked extensively about Spirulina Algae in tablets, we could not fail to mention Spirulina Fit , a natural supplement that they also talked about on Salutemoderna .


Summing up what has been said so far, we can say that Alga Spirulina is a marine plant rich in beneficial properties for the organism. In fact, its nutritional properties positively impact physical health .

Rich in vitamins, minerals, vegetable proteins and lipids, Spirulina Algae is an ingredient that today enriches numerous food supplements. The benefits of taking it, as we have seen, are manifold.

However, the main benefit for which this algae has become so well known in our area certainly remains connected to weight loss . In fact, Alga Spirulina tablets are an optimal support for those who want to shape their silhouette.

For extreme safety, we always remember the importance of contacting your doctor before starting to take Spirulina Algae. Although the chances of contraindications are very low (especially if the recommended doses are not exceeded), it is always better to seek advice from a specialist.

In conclusion, we can say that the supplements based on Alga Spirulina are a real cure-all for the health of the body , and that they are an excellent support and spur for those who want to achieve their goals in terms of weight loss.

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