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Split ends: all the natural remedies to cure and prevent them

Split ends: all the natural remedies to cure and prevent them

Let’s see the main causes of split ends, the best remedies and how to prevent them.

Split ends are a very common problem, especially for people with very long hair and who use often hair dryer and flat iron. They are caused by hair weakening: it splits in two or more parts. There is nothing much to do when you already have them, but you can prevent them. Let’s see their causes and the best remedies.

Split ends: causes

As we mentioned, when hair weakens, it splits. What are the behaviors we should avoid? First of all, do not use too often high temperature hair dryer, flat iron and curler. Heat burns and dries hair out, making it break.

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Hair weakens also because of aggressive chemical treatments such as hair straightenings, perms, bleachings and hair dyes. Finally, you should never tie your hair with too tight hairties, nor comb them too strongly, especially when it’s wet, because it can break.

Split ends: remedies

If you’re wondering how to get rid of split ends, bad news: the only remedy is to cut your hair! Don’t trust those products which promise to solve the problem, the best they can do is to avoid breakings.

However, it is possible to prevent split ends. First of all, you need to strenghten your hair: you should take as much vitamins and mineral salts as you can, modifying your diet or taking supplements. Then, you should give up on those habits which ruin your hair: say goodbye to flat iron, curler and bleachings.

Finally, try hair masks: they are very useful and how a powerful nourishing and strengthening action. Before the shampoo, apply olive, coconut or castor oil on your wet hair.

How to get rid of split ends?

As you may have understood, there is no way to solve this problem, you only have to prevent it. So the best thing to do is taking care of your hair every day. Here some advice for you:

Do not dye it. It does not help, becuase dye eliminates melanin and nutrients from our hair, making it break.

Good-bye flat iron! Do not use it as long as you can. Instead, braid it and let it breath. The flat iron will definitely make you develop split ends!

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DIY hair masks. In your kitchen you will definitely find something to make an amazing natural mask. Avocado, bananas, eggs and honey are the right ingredients to relieve your damaged hair!

Coconut or olive oil. Hair can absorb the fatty acids these two products contain faster than any other cream.

Use the right brush. The best ones are the round brushes with boar hairs, or the flat ones, which won’t break your hair.

Rinse your hair with cold water. Hot water enlargens the pore and worsen the split ends. The cold one, instead, closes both of them.

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