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Sport meets vintage, in the Lotto capsule together with Zara

Zara Lotto tank top

The 60s vibrate in a sporty key in the Lotto x Zara summer capsule, including minimal tank tops and miniskirts

That of the Lotto capsule born in synergy with Zara is a sincere declaration of love for vintage, now a must have in our wardrobe from the 60s until the gates of 2000, which you find in these outfits that reinterpret the retro aesthetic in a practical key and sporty. The subtle message of these new dresses by Zara is to make even a garment like the miniskirt ready-to-wear, which can be worn everyday thanks to this sporty chic touch , to which Lotto has added its hand.

The capsule designed by Lotto offers real total looks, garments and street wear accessories that take us back in time, to the economic boom, when the mini was a sensation and fashion was experiencing a revolution full of creativity. The same that we can instill by choosing and purchasing the pieces of the collection that at first glance are in tune with our fashion mania.

Zara, the clothes of summer 2021 in a sporty-vintage key in the capsule with Lotto

In immersing oneself in the garments and accessories that characterize the capsule it is impossible not to rethink the Twiggy style that reigned in the 60s , but let’s imagine it in a contemporary version that prefers super pop colors such as electric blue, light blue and light green to combine with White. A vintage that is revived in the light of the present, going well beyond the minimal combination of basic colors.

Zara Lotto ballerinas
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Minimal is all in the mini dresses , short and essential, in the ribbed jumpsuit to be worn absolutely with the square toe ballet flats, the most adorable and desired accessory of the collection, or even the mini skirts with zipper on the front to wear with a t-shirt half sleeves with cut behind the back or with a double straps top that tastes so much of the 90s.

The capsule is also part of the Zara Join Life clothing line, and therefore made with 25% recycled polyester and for Lotto Italia it represents a strong point of pride, as stated by Andrea Tomat, President of the brand: “We are very proud of this collaboration with Zara that once again demonstrates the extraordinary versatility and liveliness of the Lotto brand, capable of maintaining absolute coherence between the world of great sports performance of its athletes and the new trends and demands of eclectic and innovative consumers. With this collection we wanted to explore a world towards which we have always felt a great admiration, bringing with us the distinctive traits of our sporting DNA intact ” .

Where to buy the Lotto x Zara limited edition capsule and how much the outfits cost

Initially presented as an online preview, Lotto’s limited edition capsule made with Zara is available on the website of the fashion retail giant and in 2,200 Zara stores worldwide, at the average prices that the brand generally offers for its lines of clothes and accessories.

It starts from € 15.95 for sweaters and tank tops, € 17.95 for miniskirts, up to € 25.95 for jumpsuits and mini dresses. The dancers cost € 39.95 and the leather shoulder bag of € 59.95, the most expensive and chic accessory in the collection.

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